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Video/Tutorial - Ethereal Pushing Ethereal Further - Optimal Combos and Meter Build by TakeAChance

F3 good damage one bar

Universal, start of combo is same
F343 tk airsai roll u3ex

run throw 38%
run 21u4 38%
f23 roll 38%
run 12sai 37%

Fade away or toward after the sai or roll if you want.

Some of the timing on these is tricky but if you whiff the u3ex you dont burn meter as oppose to whiffing an ex special.

You get 43% out of it in piercing and ravenous though with her gut stabbing string, high pounce or low pounce after f23.


My power equals yours!
Great vid, man. Appreciate the work and time. I look forward to throwing these combos in the lab and working with this variation a bit.