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Breakthrough Proof That Raven Is Almost Unbeatable With Rumbas


Trust me, I'm a doctor
@Doombawkz that's some good testing :)

The other reason I thought about point blank was due to a thought that it might trigger regardless of what state they're in, e.g. function as a kind of OTG.

I've updated my original post to better explain what I think is happening and why.
Doesn't work like that, you can pretty much tell due to the fact that the move itself covers nearly the full screen yet batgirl could still teleport. You already knew that much, so theres no point explaining that bit further. I can see where you'd have the idea.

To make a more accurate idea of it, its what you see Bane players doing with d.2xxBP/d.1xxDP on wake-up. The d.1/d.2 eat through the invuln and allow the armored move to still be cancelled into. This works the same, it doesn't affect the invuln however it does still connect once a hitbox is present, its just a persisting hitbox through and through.

As I said though there are some wake-ups that really aren't too phased. The results are a bit mixed but I've found stuff like Bat-Evade and Wing-Evade allowing the users to bypass it and force the hitbox to fizzle out, but still keep Raven locked in that stance.


The other reason to test point blank was to see if it triggered immediately, i.e.

1) first hit of Event Horizon
2) Roomba
3) Opponent is already in range, MB part triggers instantly. Free Roomba damage in the combo. Not a reset, just a much higher damage combo.

If it did work then Raven may not need to be at point blank range when Event Horizon hits - if Raven is full screen and the Roomba is passing her, the drag of EH could pull them in, Roomba clips them before the MB triggers and then MB triggers after. If it does then this opens up the possibility of trying to find setups that activate the roomba mid-combo.

Finally, as you can only do one MB EH per combo, this might be a way of setting up a second with a reset. Example:

1) Random combo with MB EH at the start/middle
2) Roomba gets activated at somepoint before/during
3) End the combo with regular EH. Opponent gets clipped by Roomba. Hold down MB button. Opponent on ground, combo resets.
4) Opponent gets close to Raven while she's stuck in the EH animation (such as BG teleport). Will the MB now trigger?

Again, none of it is probably tourney viable but Raven doesn't exactly have complex gimmicks or tech so this is all kind of interesting :)


Trust me, I'm a doctor
Take my results with a grain of salt, if not an ocean. I did my tests, but not everything is settled on paper right then and there.

The concept of a reset is nice, however you have to realize that the EH would give up a lot of pressure if they happen to simply block it.
Plus you waste the meter, and by my count it would seem that it is indeed blockable.

Add also on the first point, the reason this works the way it does is because the drag never comes out. If she drags the opponent into a Rumba, I haven't seen it have the same effect. Only when the Rumba hits as the opponent is being tapped but before the drag really starts.

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seems like a lot of raven salt ... shes good but not that good .. mid tier at best

then what is batgirl ?
exactly... whats a batgirl :joker:
mid tier.. yeah ravens mid tier... i agree. most balanced character in the game. ok normals.... extremely punishable, no good wakeups, great damage, great zoning, unclashable 41%, good walk speed, bad dashes, horrible teleport, bad range on throw, great set ups.