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Special Forces Sonya Up-player
I think ex bf1 should get 2 hits of armour and be a faster move.
Self- destruct needs a much faster start up time also imo.

Nabeel Robinson

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Against cross ups and people who zone the usage of BF1 is pretty good and also you can use it to duck high projectiles. If a player is zoning and you make a read if they are going to throw a projectile, EXDB2 F is useless cause you only gain like 2 seconds of armor on the way up and the projectile just hits you.
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So we now have faster armor with bf1, and self destruct activates faster and is plus on block. Yes.

Apex Kano

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I've been ignoring Pred for some time. About to pick him up since Alien is here. How do you feel about him with the recent changes? I also like these two franchises and deel like the time is now to learn them for some fun AvP fights.


how plus is self destruct on block? it says +200 something in the move list. that true?
To me it feels like it's neutral or maybe even slightly negative because predator has a weird stun animation if it's blocked. I don't have the tools to properly test but this is my observation.
thanks dude. if it had a ton of plus frames i think its warranted anyway. he takes damage, takes quite a while to activate and disappears upon hit.


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This thread is dead as ****.

Has anybody used anything like this before?
nah, i just play that variation when im hungering for Self Explosions. i hope that variation gets some buffs, maybe Pounce can be faster again on ground. and maybe Detonate can be faster as well on startup? i don't know, i love Predator and mostly use Hunter, because i can Mess my Cyrax Setup Strategy into him with the Traps.
Honestly Hunter is a better version of Cyrax, His Traps are instant, Cyrax bombs have a Specific timer, Both can HTB, but Hunter does not have to wait for a specific time to get them and miss it. if he meese it up, it becomes a different setup. Cyrax just has OH to Low so low bomb launches and takes a second to recover. Hunter recovers quick almost instant. Hunter has more Overheads, better advancing strings, Better Mids, Honestly only reason i use Cyrax is because i love him.

Thats why im moving on to Special Forces: she is a fun setup character. with those Drones. nothing really broke, but has Great PRessure, Great Mids, Great Advancing Strings, Great Frames, Fast highs, Fast Lows, Nice Mixups. OK Zoning with Drone/BF2. she is better than Cyrax in every aspect.

@Apex Kano


So the changes to Dread Launch and Self-Destruct don't help at all?
He still has his pre-patch problems + Yautja Strike doesn't have armor so he has even more trouble getting in and starting any pressure, which by the way is really weak compared to actual pressure characters. Dread Launch losing its launching properties is really bad as well, I know that's an universal change but there's literally no reason to pick him right now. If you want + frames and pressure play HQT, if you want setups/gimmicks play Hunter.