Pre-MLG Dallas Interview #8 - Perfect Legend

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By CRUM on Oct 30, 2012 at 8:18 PM
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    To coincide with the hype brought to the table in the last interview with CD jr, here is another that is quite possibly the most hype interview of the lot. This NRC double-header continues with the one and only 2x EVO Mortal Kombat Champion, Perfect Legend. He has yet to win an MLG event, and all signs are pointing to him going into MLG Dallas as he went into both EVOs. In this interview, PL and I discuss everything under the sun: a Kung Lao mirror match with CD Jr, why he thinks Cyrax is the best in the game, his performance at Seasons Beatings, his matches with GGA Dizzy, he lists who he believes are the best players with certain characters, he blows up CD Jr for his recent comments about his Kung Lao compared to PL's, we talk about Tekken and DOA, gross, Pig Of The Hut, REO, he gives shout-outs to the GGA crew and MUCH more. This interview is a must-see and you will really miss out if you do not read what PL has to say. Here's the link to my interview with Perfect Legend:

    In case you have missed them, here are the links to my other interviews:
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Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by CRUM, Oct 30, 2012.

    1. DJ L Toro
      DJ L Toro
      why would you say PL over REO, for example? Just curious.
    2. Big Pampering
      Big Pampering
      LBSH 2 times evo champion and in both evo's he beat reo.
    3. DJ L Toro
      DJ L Toro
      Tom Brady has wisely spelled out his theory of triangles: sure, he beat reo, but maxter beat PL, and reo beat maxter, so who's the best?
      I think there's a strong argument to be made for many players though. REO is the most consistant (how many top 2 finishes did he get in a row from evo 2011? incredible), CD jr has the most tournament wins of any mk9 player (even though he didnt start competitive until after pl got his 1st evo), Pig has been finishing better with every outing and he's coming out stronger than ever for MLG, perhaps he's the best right now, Denzell and Malik Terry are competitive on the highest level with more of the cast than anyone else, Detroit is ridiculous, 16 bit/dizzy (how many character loyalists are top players?), etc. I'm not saying PL is not the best, he very well may be as well, but i dont think he's done enough for the discussion to be settled.

      Also lets not forget that EVO didnt have a lot of the international guys. what if it turns out that Eddy Wang, Gross, Madzin, or one of the south american, russian, european, etc people can blow up anyone in the US?
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    4. CrimsonShadow
      I don't understand why people are still saying this when CD Jr. has been more consistent than anyone this year. REO is an amazing player, but didn't make top8 at Anaheim or EVO. CDJr. has been top8 at just about everything, if not top2.

      REO is clearly ridiculously talented, but people need to stop taking credit away from CDJr. who's been by far the most consistent tournament MK player this year.
    5. Big Pampering
      Big Pampering
      Evo is the world championship, and this years evo was the only major where people from the uk came and tried to win. All those things you said don't compare to a 2 time evo win.
    6. coolwhip
      Nothing but respect to you man, but how can you know "for a fact" that you have the best Kung Lao in the world? By very definition, a fact is not an opinion. What you're giving is a -- somewhat biased -- opinion. Who's the best with a character is a matter of opinion, and if it is every going to get close to being a fact, then it's likely because of tournament results. As of right now, we'll all agree PL has had the best tournaments results with Lao. Don't get me wrong, you've only picked up the character recently, so this is not a knock on you.
    7. coolwhip
      You know what's funny? Jr actually has a better claim at being the best in the world (his results have been amazingly consistent) than being the best Lao (when there's another guy who won Evo with only Kung Lao, beating the likes of Tyrant, Forever King, Reo, yourself, and Jr).
    8. coolwhip
      Wait wait wait... a guy wins Evo by beating Reo, Tyrant, Forever King, Pig and CD Jr, and you're saying "but he didn't beat Gross, Madzin or Eddy Wang"? Don't get me wrong, those 3 are great players, but LBSH, Pig, Reo and Jr are undoubtedly in the top 5 best Mortal Kombat players (there's a reason why you mentioned them in the post above when talking about guys who have a claim of being the best).

      Don't get me wrong, you're right in that nobody can say with 100% certainty that PL (or anyone else for that matter) is the best in the world, because other players also achieved great things. But bringing up Madzin, Eddie Wang and Gross to the equation is ridiculous (and again I don't mean to disrespect or discredit them).

      No tournament is ever going to have EVERY single good player, but EVO was as close as it gets. And it did have international competition (and remember how PL beat 3 out of the 4 UK guys with his THIRD best character in the USA vs. UK thing).
    9. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      Mmmmm. A call to arms. :D. Hopefully, MLG or NEC will deliver some S+ mustard.
      I suppose if there's one thing an EC major is good for, it's an unnecessary amount of Cyrax.
      So I suppose it's high time we Cyrax players started making the most of our assets.

      The man has a point. For all the horrible, HORRIBLE things our yellow friend is capable of...he's always come just a scratch short of taking home a title, save SvB 2011.
      This is not right. This is not proper. This must change.
      I must change it. But change alone is.........lame.
      Join me, friends. Let us change this. Let us flood the gates and consume the world with our ways.

      It's the remix. Chicka chicka, erra erra.
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    10. DJ L Toro
      DJ L Toro
      That's not what i said, though it's true that he's 0-1 against gross. what i said was that there are many people who have reason to be in the same category of best. "world championship" is just part of evo's name, but if it isnt truly representative of what the world has to offer then it isnt a true world championship. yes, carl won the biggest tournament twice, no, he doesnt win consistently enough at other tournaments to DEFINITIVELY say he's the best.
      true, all i'm meaning to show is that many people have the same stake to "best player." as i said, jr in only one year has won more than anyone else though the game has been out for 2 years. that's really amazing
    11. BehindTheLight
      I don't really agree with all the shit PL says and I don't like the excuses....but I gotta admit...that was fucking funny!
    12. BehindTheLight
      Maybe he wouldn't have gotten BODIED by Maxter....
    13. Plop
      Fair do's, he comes across as a proper (soap bar in my mouth) in this interview. I hope for his sake he's not ACTUALLY like this in in real life.

      On the other hand though, i thoroughly enjoyed this interview and now the hype for Dallas is ridiculous,

      Good form, good form.
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