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Pick Someone Else's Main for a Week

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We did this during Injustice 2, and I recently brought it back within my local scene. For those who weren't around at the time, post in here and the next person chooses who you main for the next week.

It went over really well at my local. A friend of mine was having a real character crisis, and I picked Hat Trick Lao for him because he loves strike/throw mixups and setups. The character was completely off his radar because of how unskilled Kung Lao's tend to just do unsafe strings and random divekicks in ranked. He was also in desperate need of a decent mid after trying to main Kano then Frost. Right now, it's looking like he'll actually continue maining the character.

I recieved Baraka, which is a good pick for me. I've really enjoyed the character and he plays to my strengths as a player very well.


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I like this idea. I actually do want to learn every character!


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How would you feel about Johnny? I don't know who all you play beside Cassie, but from that I can assume you like a neutral playstyle with good buttons and zoning. Johnny can deliver on some of those aspects.
I only play Cassie and Kano. I tried Johnny for a bit, but yeah I'll try that. He has a restand and good pressure from what I could see, I may like this.
I misunderstood the thread at first, I thought it was trading mains with someone for a week. All I have is this Kotal Kahn so i'm not sure it's an offer anyone would take :(
I've played some Kotal recently so I can trade you Erron, but I'm not entirely sure how this thread works :p