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Discussion in 'Freddy Krueger' started by General M2Dave, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. General M2Dave

    Freddy Krueger (version 1.05)

    - projectile immunity glitch has been removed.

    - nightmare stance (d,b+4) can no longer be repeated instantly via d,b+4~backdash~d,b+4, etc.

    - glove toss (b,f+2) does 7% of damage (down from 9% in version 1.04) and builds less meter. The move seems untouched otherwise.

    - both teleports (d,f+3 and d,b+3) seem to have more recovery frames and build less meter, but you can use them as wake up moves now because of the universally added 4 frames of invincibility to wake up attacks.

    - dramatically increased damage scaling on almost all combos, especially on those hits after an EX ground spike. For example, f+4,2,1~EX ground spike, dash JP,f+2,1~close ground spike, f+4,2,1~far ground spike, far ground spike used to do 55% of damage. It now does 43%.

    - NRS did a good job balancing the character. 90% of his gameplay is still in tact, so he will remain a solid character.
  2. Geotakku

    Geotakku Noob

    I watched, seems to me that the damage changed a bit, but I couldn't quite tell with the projectile. Guess well see soon!
  3. Deadly Torcher

    Deadly Torcher King Dingaling

    Hate playing against him with any1 other than Reptile. That projectile glitch pisses me off big time.
  4. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    nice! kruguer is on the way to become normal and sane
  5. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
    Premium Supporter News Editor Official ESL Gaming

    i forgot he was even in this game, lol
  6. General M2Dave

    Someone did the following combo on stream...

    f+2,1,4 xx EX ground spikes JP, f+2,1 xx nightmare stance, 1, b+2, f+4,2,1 xx far ground spike, far ground spike

    ...and the combo only did 39% of damage if I recall correctly. So, apparently there is a lot of damage reduction.

    Ultimately, Freddy's fate lies with the glove toss in my opinion. If the move gets toned down a lot, he will be a mid tier character. If the move remains the same more or less, he will remain a top tier character as he gets to keep all of his projectile traps. Freddy is a zoning character at heart because of his poor defense and limited offense outside of 50/50 mix ups from jumping punches.
  7. hardwire

    hardwire Noob

    wow you really think his glove toss is his true power hu?

    nightmare stance is his win button

    go watch the learning lab on freddy again and pay attention to the nightmare stance stuff

    you have a move that can throw off footsies with ease as well as having its own mix up built in with an over head a mid launcher (btw combos for insain damage) and a low that reaches forever.

    now mix that move in with his cansels and you have one destroyer of worlds my friend

    freddy is hat tier and its not because of damage or a simple glove toss in fact after trying out the learning lab i no longer end with the glove toss but the (crap cant remember the name) low hat style one. its stagger is on par with kung wow and makes freddys stuff prity damn safe if you end with it.
  8. JHCRANE 14


    You have got to be kidding me if they still left the projectile immunity in the game. Thats a joke if so NRS!!!!!
  9. General M2Dave

    I agree that the nightmare stance is good, but it is not too good. The game is not about footsies like Street Fighter is. Rather, MK is very aerial based, so it is tough to force mix ups on an opponent. Sonya's military stance seems better to me, mostly because she can start offense from a long ranged d+4. Freddy cannot.

    Freddy is precisely top tier because of his damage, 50/50 mix ups, and zoning game. By the way, Freddy Fingers, the low fireball, does not give advantage on hit like Kung Lao's low hat does. Only the EX version gives advantage.

    It will definitely be fixed by the next patch. No doubt about it.

    Speaking of the next patch, I am waiting for it. People ban Freddy in tournaments yet Kung Lao and Kabal are allowed. I am kind of salty.

    BEENEEWEENEES Thou shalt be slain!

    kung lao and kabal don't take half-life off one meter from midscreen, nor do they glitch up and let projectiles randomly float through em :confused: but i feel your pain, freddy is a neat character that i may pick up after this patch business
  11. shura30

    shura30 ESL | Shura

    Vision Shura30
    deleted the comp pack yesterday after a salty match against an immune to fireballs scrub krueger
  12. General M2Dave

    Kung Lao and Kabal are better overall characters than Freddy. As far as damage goes, Cyrax gets easy 60% combos from any poke. Kitana's damage output is also very high.

    The projectile immunity glitch is annoying. It does warrant a ban, but there are other glitches in the game too (i.e., Reptile's invisible EX forceballs) and the characters who have them are legal.
  13. ManjoumeThunder

    ManjoumeThunder Just a mark

    Not taking out that glitch and forever (or until its fixed) banning him from tourneys and thus we won't see some great Freddy Trolling.
  14. funkdoc

    funkdoc Noob

    Well, on the positive side, the projectile glitch is gone!

    But holy crap did Freddy get nerfed! Damage was expected, but glove toss has more recovery and it takes longer for him to dash cancel nightmare stance. Hmm...........
  15. General M2Dave

    Can you give me specifics? How toned down is the glove toss exactly? Compare it to another projectile.
  16. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
    Premium Supporter

    So now that Freddy is going to be unbanned, let's start breaking down some matchups
  17. funkdoc

    funkdoc Noob

    Glove toss reminds me most of Kano's current knife, and of course it does less damage. He can't link after glove toss in corner juggles anymore AFAIK.
  18. General M2Dave

    Have they fixed the projectile immunity glitch? Unfortunately, Freddy is not going to be taken seriously until this glitch has been removed permanently.
  19. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
    Premium Supporter

    So far everybody is saying it's been removed, I don't have a 360 to confirm it myself though
  20. General M2Dave

    I can't believe no one is testing Freddy. This is a character who could still be a solid high mid tier.

    I want someone to test the glitch. The set up is easy. Just have someone interrupt the initial frames of the teleport with a physical attack. That is all.

    Also, someone test how much damage f+4,2,1~EX spike, JP, f+2,1~close spike, f+4,2,1~far spike, far spike does.
  21. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
    Premium Supporter

    A friend of mine has 360 and I've read throughout the patch update thread that the glitch is officially gone. I had him tes 22 freeze and he said it worked w/SZ vs Freddy. I'll ask my friend to do your test. What do you mean exactly by interupt initial frames of teleport? Have them do teleport and try to interupt them? I thought the glitch was where projectiles went through his body

    I agree, I don't know why more people are not breaking down this char, he's a monster in the right hands.
  22. General M2Dave

    Sort of. To activate the glitch, you interrupt Freddy's teleport with a physical attack (i.e., Sub Zero's 2,2). By "interrupt", I mean that you hit Freddy just as he is about to teleport (i.e., you see the flames, but he does not teleport successfully). That is how the projectile immunity glitch is set up.
  23. hardwire

    hardwire Noob

    and im still telling you he is top teir

    dont look at his damage kung wow does not do a load of damage its just he continuously sends out the damage

    mid and far hell spike interupts almost all spam in the game or at least gives you advantage

    ground glove causes some nasty stagger (ala kung wow)
    nightmare stance throws off jip jik and allows for a combo

    in the corner he has a sick pressure game that only the best teleporters can excape (to quote the training video dream dust mixed with close hell spike)

    a very very very fast forward and backward teleport and nightmare stance ducks under things like shadow kick sholder charge and such that will go into a combo

    i think freddy is probly the best anti rush down in the game he has a great tool set for escaping pressure and then dealing out his own pressure.

    just my 2c (i could be wrong thow)
  24. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
    Premium Supporter

    Big giant who cares on if he's low, mid, top or broke tier right now, we just want to know if the glitch is still in or not brother lol
  25. hardwire

    hardwire Noob

    well i can not tell ya sorry i dont have an xbox

    but didnt they already say yesterday the glitch was 100% for sure fixed????

    oh and i agree that it does not mater what tier im just trying to say that he is not good because of his massive damage he has way to much to be considered bad.

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