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Whoa whoa hold on here... isn't Kotal deemed to already be ass regardless of variation? I actually don't think Totemic is so bad that it can't be used. In fact, I like it better than his other one.

Ground and Air Cat moves(while extremely punishable) give him great mobility as a heavy and can help him avoid projectile situations. And if done at the right time straight cat can actually "hop" over Cassie's "low" gunshot. Found that out on accident lol.

Also a great way to get extra damage is to throw out his ex sun beam move, it tracks the opponent where ever they go. So if you can get it out, it's free damage that you don't even need to be near to do. Plus it'll heal you if you happen to get them in a block string while it's active.

Granted it's not a great variation but I don't think it should classify under "completely shit" with things like Show Stopper JC.


And to that same note, I don't think barking irons is completely useless either. Compared to 52 Kard Pickup, absolutely, because that variation is stupid safe and ridiculous with scud cancels. But the Erron mains in STB have been fucking around with Barking Irons in case 52 kard gets nuked and I've seen some cool stuff with it. Dynamite has weird properties but can end up in crazy setups where it makes you want to move or where you're locked down in a blockstring or something with it sitting under you ready to blow or you can get F4'd into it as it explodes. And let's not forget it does have the slide cancel and still has the safe F4 and ex F4.


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Anyone messed around with Geras's moves that aren't in tourney variations? Holy shit that rewind time and sand simulacrum combination is INSANE. I built a few random loadouts for him and he got seriously jipped out of some cool shit for pro level. Lol


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If anyone plays Yaas Queen Cassie I will delete them from my friend's list.

I guess this variation has some cool setups if you like slowing the game down, it really depends on how you like playing, but I personally feel naked without some moves and I think that has to do with the fact that most of us only practiced with 1 variation because it's better, and let's be honest, there is always one that's far better.

Maybe it's just a habit, but when I find myself full screen with Yaas Queen I try to do low gunshot, and then I cry cause I remember I don't have it. To me, bd1 is like a safety, a check, a friend even, and without it, I am hopeless and defenseless, like for real.

How you gonna duck under Baraka's blade sparks AND do damage at the same time without it, huh? You ain't. You just ain't bruh.
I'm now tempted to play against you with Yaas Queen Cassie wearing one of her Mass Effect suits, but that might cause you to not only delete me from your friends list but also make me dead to you.