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Opinion regarding SZ's visuals


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When people started saying Erron Black is a ninja... because he wears a mask.
There is no world where Erron is a Ninja and frankly I'm confused how others think so.


Back to Sub Zero:
Personally I love the animations of several moves in Subs arsenal one being his freeze that starts as a Circle and moves together to become a solid ice ball that blocks projectiles incoming him. Another is his slide and slam into the ice wall which is pretty flashy and exceptionally cool (ignore the pun or take it without judgement).
I absolutely love that his clone is missing and his new ice trap is slow on startup, this is because he us so much more than a defensive clone artists and was potrayed as an aggressive warrior that uses his mind and powers to tip the scales in his favor.
I don't like the crown hat, I know he is a Lin Kuei grandmaster and most likely not a Ninja but I feel he fits the bill well at least the OG SubZero Bi Han later Noob and I miss his Hood/Ninja look.
Another thing I don't like about MK11 Sub is the fucking Axe weapons. They put axes in place of his iconic Sword and that's fine but Sub should have the gear option to change it to a Sword or even other weapons like a Hammer maybe a Scyth. After all the grandmaster does materialize them out if thin air from his icy powers!

All in all I can live with most of it but the Axe needs to either go or he needs the option for his legendary sword. NRS went on and on about how characters are not just thier abilities but most known for thier weapons yet they replaced his with an Ice-Axe. Hell bring back his MK9 ice pick too.

Things I like about MK11 Subby:

  1. Circle Freeze Animation
  2. Ice Wall Slam animation
  3. His movement
  4. Freeze animations
  5. Clone being absent.

Things I feel Sub Needs To have:
  1. His sword.
  2. His icy eyes
  3. His old 2 part freeze fatality
  4. Hood/Ninja/Lin Kuei balaclava.
  5. A trailer where he actually beats Scorpion
  6. His brother Bi Han in the Story mode/Roster.


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All I know about subs in MK11 is that if Frost is in it and has ice Clone I will riot.


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He pooks fanfuckingtastic! I love his design that makes him look more chinese. Making him more offensive character is a great thing since I play cryomancer. Overall it’s 10/10 for me.


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He reminds me of an updated version of Deception's look without the shredder like mask. That hat is alright, I feel like it's in a few stylish directions. I prefer his standard ninja mask and head piece or just the ninja mask with the headband around his head. I hope we get a Shredder head piece man that would be boss.
I hate this new look,its soo bad,am huge sub zero fan,the mkx look was insane,soo awsome,it reminded me of his old look,whay just whay did they gave him a bloodborne hat,whay?In compere to other characthers he looks dumb,scorpion looks sick,thats where all the netherreal love goes,lo,and his stance i hate it,i train karate my self,this stance dosent make sence at all,i mean i know its a game but his stance in mk9 mkx was soo cool,this is step down compere to that.Overall am so disapointed with his feel and look, i really hope they change his stance and hat,they relly didint doi justice to his char,also they should make him and scorpion equal,i mean mean time scorpion beats him it makes him look like a bitch,its stupid,sub zeros is one of the most popular mk charactersmmaby the most popular but thats for another time,i really hope they change him before lunch.


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I actually really like his MK11 look a lot. I had mixed feelings at first, but I'm digging it more and more every day. I really love the saturated blue he's rocking now. It pops out beautifully. I could live with the default look quite easily, but daaaang did they knock it out of the park with his maskless look. I'm absolutely in love with it. I only have one complaint. His classic skins don't have the beard, that's a huge dock of points. His fighting style is about what I'd expect of him. Very calm and precise moves. I dig him. Overall, I love how they treated Sub-Zero in MK11, he looks good.