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Official MK11 TV Spot


I'm happy overall. Love how killer deadly she looks. Would have preferred a non-Asian look for the consistency sake, and as far as the costume goes, everything is great except the high heels.

But yeah, so happy she's back and I'm happy to see all the positive reactions. Love Kitana <3
Just because we all frequent this forum doesn't necessarily mean we live and breath all things fighting games, nor everyone relevant to them.

You could be nice and just provide an answer instead of trying to make someone feel dumb for not knowing something... -.-
He's a very good all around fighting game player and one of the best SFV players currently.
Not everyone plays other fighters.

I have no clue who this dude is either because I only play NRS fighting games. Never seen a top player named Tokido
ultra fair point here ! ;)
Hey, thanks guys. ♥
And thanks for filling me in on who it is instead of just making fun of my lack of knowledge on this point. ^^
Kitana looks lovely (...from what can be seen of her behind the mask). The "flat butt" criticisms are pure virgincel 'butt-hurt' (*pun intended).

My only gripe is that there is no MK movie planned, using this level of CGI... Smacks of ye olde Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer | in-game juxtaposition...

>of those revealed, third likely char. I'd play
... but now I can't see Nick Fury being anything else!
this might be true for people that only know Marvel Comics from the Disney movies... but decades of comics mean that most people that were alve before the films come out see the cigar chomping white guy as Fury. Ret-conning is common in comics, it happens all the time, but it is super rare for changes to stay in the long run. My guess is he wi;; reveart to the old verison not long after he is recast in the movies.
Eh, nothing special. That hilarious Instagram advertisment was much better in much less time.