NRS art director Steve Beran confirmed Johnny Cage is 100% in MK11

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by OliverCage33, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Dankster Morgan

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    Imo, Johnny Cage is the best developed character in the MK9 and MKX. He shows actually progression and becomes a real hero, while still being cocky and funny. Since when is being cocky, confident, and funny a terrible thing? MK has enough serious characters. Johnny Cage is awesome, can’t wait to use him alongside SZ.

    I always saw Sonya as more immature than Johnny tbh, she is a dick to him for basically no reason. Especially in the comics and in MKX but with the way MKX ended they may have made up.
  2. Yeah Sonya was definitely a dick in MKX. She was the whole reason they got a divorce in the first place because she worked instead of spending time with Johnny and Cassie.

    But MK9 Johnny sucked, mostly in the beginning when he kept calling her 'baby' and just following her around. Being really weird. But the growth from THAT dickhead to the current Johnny is what made me like him.

    He went from a guy creeping on Sonya to a guy caring about his daughter. That's fuckin development right there. He's still cocky and confident, but bearably so. He's got dad jokes too and I like that.
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  3. You me and cowboy seem to like the same characters. Who did u like in injustice 1?
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  4. legion666

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    Ermac gets eaten by Shang Tsung, this is how the sorcerer comes back. And he doesn’t collect souls he is just made of thousands of Edenian souls.
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  5. just_2swift

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    Fuck cage I will make it rain on them hoes

  6. You guys blame Sonya for working instead of spending time with family, I actually believe that's a high moral standard, given her work is protecting the world from very dangerous beings. I don't think she loves it: I think it's a sacrifice that takes a lot of guts. Johnny is very sweet currently though. Of course he comes across likeable.
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  7. SaSSolino

    SaSSolino Please Shang, I need you in MK11. Don't leave me.

    I didn't play it! But I noticed the same. :)
  8. Law Hero

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    I know the chances are pretty much zero, but it would be so awesome if they got Johnny's MK9 voice actor to voice his younger self. I think he was fantastic.
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  9. Pterodactyl

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    Cue next scene as he screams watching his daughter back-to-the-future fade from existence.
  10. Blade4693

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    20 year old douche bag Johnny is best Johnny.
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  11. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    Imagine young Johnny meeting Cassie and hitting on her without knowing who she is. I mean, we all know he would.
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  12. Metin

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    Sometimes i couldn't understand your unnecessary suspicious behaviors. He is konfirmed %100..
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  13. I was literally gonna say this exact same idea, but then I was like "Maaaaaybe I shouldn't." lmao.

    He totally would. And grown Johnny would beat his own ass.
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  14. "that young pressure " lololololol exactly

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