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Guide Nightwing Spacing and Footsies Guide


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Easy hitconfirm string, can use B112 on block for it to be +2. But you cannot do anything after that, opponent can easily backdash out of anything he follows it up with.

I used it more at the beginning of the game.
Sounds like me except I went from 22 to back 11 now im using forward 213 and back 2


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Sounds like me except I went from 22 to back 11 now im using forward 213 and back 2
I never used 22 and I still don't, getting 112 pressure going is hard.
For the moment, I only use B11 as a punish.

B2 and F213 are my strings as well.


Look I know this is an old post but the title seems appropriate for what I'd like to share. I also realize the games been out for a long time and someone might have already tried this and dismissed it but I'm getting really good at doing this so I'd like to see what other people thought about adding this to NWs game..

Recently I've been charging F3 and Dash Canceling out of it to get in under high projectiles. I'd like to make an argument that, in at least a few match ups, F3 can actually become a great spacing tool.

When you charge F3 in Escrima NWs hit box is lowered to the point that he can duck high projectiles. Normally I would try and duck projectiles with ground sparks and dash in and continue to block low. I wasn't realizing that what that does in escrima is take the momentum away from him and put him in a situation where he can be hit. Using F3 you're able to dash cancel forward or backward so screw with peoples spacing or let the F3 go and get the plus frames on block.

I played a pretty decent Harley offline and this is what would happen at full screen:

Harley was zoning me out full screen mixing up between cupcakes and gunshots. Every NW knows that ground sparks goes under her normal gunshot and you can get a dash in. What's cool is I was able to hit her with a ground spark, dash in once, charge F3 to lower my hit box under the next gunshot, dash cancel forward and punish him with B2. I'm pretty sure that eventually he started trying to get me with Cupcakes but since I was dashing forward he was left completely open after I had dashed under them. Of course now that I was dashing in on him like a manic he switched his game up to where he'd try and punish my dash in. Pepper in some wing dings, FGs, and staff pounds and he'll go back to respecting your regular game. This tool isn't meant to be abused only used to get in and control space. Let the mind games begin.

I tried this same strategy against Sinestro. I noticed charging F3 doesn't work full screen against Sinestro at fullscreen.. I'm pretty sure his fear blast drops over time at fullscreen making it a mid; however, at mid screen I was able to charge F3 to get under the fear blasts, forward dash cancel to get in, and push him to the corner that way.

The point of this gimmick is to add forward momentum to ducking a projectile so you can push the opponent to the corner where NW excels with staff. Use this but be unpredictable. Switch stances every once in a while.

I'm curious has anyone else been doing this or am I late to the party by like a year? lol