New Trailer: Introducing The Flash

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by SneakyTortoise, Apr 10, 2017.

By SneakyTortoise on Apr 10, 2017 at 9:05 AM
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    As promised yesterday, a new trailer for The Flash has dropped. In the below video you can see The Flash battling members of the Society including Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold and Cheetah.

    Bear in mind that there will be another WatchTower stream this week featuring Gorilla Grodd and 2, yet to be announced, characters. We will be sure to keep you updated as soon as this information drops.
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by SneakyTortoise, Apr 10, 2017.

    1. _xFriction
    2. Azarashi Elder
      Azarashi Elder
      Flash is flexin' on dem hoes.... LOL

      A little disappointed in the gear ability showcase, but I'll get used to it, I guess. I like his new AA, but I wonder how flash mains feel about the loss of his DP. His new super-fast phantom punch move is that sickness.

      Overall, Barry Allen looks Buff in more ways than one.
    3. SneakyTortoise
      Remember these are for the majority of their audience, who don't set aside an hour+ to watch their WatchTower streams
    4. Koin-Operated
      Cool stuff, but I'm kinda sad that some of the cooler stuff for the Flash are gear abilities. Still, his new animations are amazing. NRS are really knocking out of the park in that regard.
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    5. MagicMan357
      I cant wait for capcom fan boys to say the animations are still trash lmao every game but this is phenomenal looking
    6. StormGoddess
      Flash looks great but i cant wait to see the Grodd breakdown this week

      to quote Grodd to WonderWoman...

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    7. CrimsonShadow
      That face when someone slams you into a dinosaur.. :p
    8. ChatterBox
      His super still rules so hard! That win pose is now my favorite we've seen so far too, simple but amazing.

      I wonder if we can use this for future trailers to realize how much stuff is gear related. I originally didn't think I was gonna mess with it much at all, but at the yearly slump I hit with NRS games I'm just gonna go all Kung Lao on bitches with that spin.
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    9. _xFriction
      Not a fan of the dabbing flash does before running. Looks super silly
    10. omooba
      as a flash main i'm kinda sad that it seems like he kept the 50/50's
    11. ghostwriteous
      I can't believe how much of a pass we give NRS's recycling. It's almost like they're an indie studio with a low budget or something.
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    12. ForeverKing
      The thing is they're are trying to go for a legacy feel this time around. MK9 to MKX was super different, for example Sub Zero ice ball in MK9 was DF1 and his ice ball in MKX was DF2. His ice clone in MK9 was DB1 and his ice clone in MKX was DB2. Same with Scorpion his spear in MK9 was BB1 and his spear in MKX was BF1. So going back and forth between MK9 and MKX playing Sub Zero or Scorpion, your muscle memory is going to be getting confused and doing wrong inputs.

      They don't want it to be like that in Injustice, if you played Flash in Injustice 1 they want you to be able to pick and play Flash the same for the most part in Injustice 2. They want you to be able to go back and forth playing Injustice 1 & Injustice 2 and use Superman the same, without getting your muscle memory confused. That's why most of the moves are the same and the inputs are the same, just like Ryu is very similar in every Street Fighter. Some people prefer fighting game sequels to be that way.
    13. Gesture Required Ahead
      Gesture Required Ahead
      Lol that multi-punch thing reminds me of this @ 14secs
    14. Zoidberg747
      There's a reason most FG sequels are like this. It's a pain in the ass to have to relearn a new game every time, and even worse to have to relearn the same character with different moves. Throw in a few new mechanics and characters and most are happy. Really glad they're doing it this way.
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    15. trufenix
      a) Make new characters, partially recycle legacies. Have a cast that pleases old and new fans.
      b) Remove legacies, cause people like you can't handle it. Pretend the game is just as good with half the characters.
      c) Redo legacies, and skip someone for each one because time and money aren't infinite.
      d) Redo legacies, skip nobody new, delay the game two months a character to make up the difference.
      e) Redo legacies, skip nobody, don't delay the game, do a shitty job over all because your boss budgeted for 20 characters and you tried to do 30.

      Your call.
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    16. Crusty
      NRS is doing us a favor by allowing us to have a legacy build. I for one wouldn't want to relearn my old main from scratch pretty much because the input for the moves would be different. They're trying to distinguish Injustice from MK as much as possible. If you don't agree with it, that's fine, but don't go making drastic assumptions like that. It simply doesn't help.
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    17. Fred Marvel
      Fred Marvel
      I understand this idea...hell I like the idea but I think they should have gone with a slightly different approach, they made returning characters about 85% the same when they should have been around 50%. Flash isn't as bad as say Superman who looks exactly the same if you don't know the small nuances but still the characters don't feel new at all. having the majority of their new abilities locked away with gear doesn't help either.
    18. Fred Marvel
      Fred Marvel
      its funny that people use the legacy excuse but there were recycled assets in MKX too lol
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    19. Error
      Stolen Granny Goodness quote smh
    20. LaidbackOne
      "Legacy excuse", lol. I can't wait untill MKXI comes out and some people stop posting bullshit again.
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    21. daBananaBee
      Is flashes mb b3 still multi hits?
    22. SneakyTortoise
      Looks like it. They show his b3 in the trailer and it looks like it has multiple hits
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    23. ghostwriteous
      I meant to reuse of other characters moves/ animations though, not legacy ones. Prime examples are Flash having Kitana's fan lift, Kung Lao's spin, and MK9 Smoke's teleport punch. I know all fighting games do this but NRS seems to go a bit overboard with it. Makes them come off as either being unimaginative or lazy in my eyes.
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    24. Brack1sh
      Looks like flashes trait runs for a shorter time than before.

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