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New Mortal Kombat Game Details: Kiefer Sutherland working on title


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Lost Boys is probably my most watched movie ever.

Not because it's good or anything, it's just the only VHS I had when I was 6.

It is pretty fucking good though. I should go watch it again.


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I find it interesting how Mr Sutherland is getting a lot of voice work for video games all of a sudden...

Wonder whats going on with that...?


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Chloe its Jack, I need you to pull up files on a man named Kabal. My sources tell me he is S+ tier and broken.
U owe me a cup of coffee for making me spit my cup out and laugh my ass off from this post. HAHAHHHAH good shit :)

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Starting to get too old to be a action star and a has a really good voice for narration. Makes sense to me at least. I wouldn't be surprised if this started to become a new thing.
Just hope he doesn't go the way of Michael Madsen and phone in half-arsed performances. Daud from Dishonored I'm looking at you...


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I'm thinking new character, Raiden's voice, possibly MK announcer voice or someone from the Mk4, MKDA, MKD, MKA saga.
I can kind of see him as Shinnok, but I don't know. I can see him as Raiden more so.


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Jack Bauer is the new guest character! For his fatality, he makes you eat a towel and then pulls out your intestinal lining!


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Im just glad a hard confirm its being built currently has come from this. You guys have worked really hard on your scene and really deserve a sequel at this point. The last EVO showing for MK9 was more hype than most of the whole event save for the insane series of J. Wong comebacks and the hype it had. Still...PL getting dropped blew up the arena and the blind Cyrax alongside of all the rest...just nuts.

You earned it TYM. You pushed and pushed your scene to new levels and refused to die. Glad its finally happening.