New Background for My Stream NEEDED!!!

Discussion in 'Comic Book & Fan-Art' started by S1LENT1, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. S1LENT1

    S1LENT1 Shadow Priest

    Anyone interested in having your graphics work shown every time I stream?

    Im looking for a Mortal Kombat 9 based background for my new and improved stream im going to be running for this community. Be creative... Its up to you to find and add whatever graphics you want, the sky is the limit within the MK world. For now its just the picture, any wording to be added will be after i have chosen the winner.

    Sorry as of now I dont have a prize to give out, other than the fact that it will be THE official background on THE MK9 stream of the Future. Which could potentially be viewed by the world... :)

    Here are the limitations (Images must be 640x125px. 500kb max. GIF, JPG, PNG). In about two weeks i will choose the best and by then might have a reward.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. S1LENT1

    S1LENT1 Shadow Priest

    Anyone...? Echo....
  3. WeAreNotBrother

    WeAreNotBrother WeShareBlood

    Sure why not

    version 1


    version 2

  4. Krayzie

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    I made you a header.


    STORMS Owner / Director

    As usual... Bone's graphics are garbage once again. ^

    FUCK YOU, BONE! :(
  6. MKF30

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    I like Bone's a lot, what program do you guys use to make these? Photoshop alone? Hey where's minion lol
  7. Juggs

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    Liking this one.

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