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Netherkast 93: Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal Discussion


We are returned! Death to the False Emperor!
Finally, finally, finally, IT HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages (though exclusively over 18 of course) today at the The Games Awards, emissaries from Warner Bros and Netherrealm Studios finally revealed….the launch trailer for Mortal Kombat 11!

The NRS community as a whole has been speculating about this moment and looking forward to it en masse for so long that we’ve essentially had repeated break-ups and tearful reunions with the concept of MK11, notably, almost having a collective aneurysm over the lack of announcement at Combo Breaker, the total radio silence on multiple WB livestreams and NRS’ uncharacteristic ability to keep a lid on leaks. This culminated in E3, where a billion souls cried out in anguish...and were suddenly silenced.

NRS has drawn out the process so much that anything was jumped on, sucking the sweet moisture of potential information from even such husks as random 4chan posts, giving up hope to the point that even the now customary total bombardment of every single interaction Ed Boon undertakes on Twitter began to flag.

It isn’t unfair to say that, even with top class Injustice action in the IPS, multiple majors and the Intercontinental Championship, the past six to nine months have been the most challenging to the scene since before MK9, since the dark days of MKVDC.

My thoughts exactly, Sonya

But now, well…...et voila

Isn’t it just glorious.

Hot diggity. Y’know, you think you’re ready for this kinda moment and you’ll have some kind of witty one-liner but you end up just being an excited fanboy again. Details are thin on the ground as of now. All we know is that another Mortal Kombat game is in the works, with a global release on the 23rd April.

And also returning are our favourite podcast boys, the leading NRS podcast, the Netherkast, who have somehow managed to have two amazing goddamn hours of discussion on the reveal apropos of nothing. As always, our hats off to @Shad @Temp and all the Netherkast folks!

Now, there’ll be plenty of time to pick over the trailer in the forthcoming….and I'll be posting an article in the coming days doing exactly that! But for now, If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch that trailer again and again for an hour or two, real life obligations be damned.

And of course, and it makes me so happy to say this, be sure to check back to TYM every day for the latest on…..Mortal Kombat 11!
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