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Nerfing F3 would kill Johnny Cage


Oh also, there is a third bug that makes cage even dumber

- input bug

try to poke out and get a standing normal that you did not want.
definitely helps cage out and would make life better if removed.

so 3 bugs total make cage even worse then he should be:
-input bug
-random advantage
-player 1 advantage



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Thefuck it would, that shit still has Godlike priority over pokes... and other normals... and specials... -_-

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i think cage is ok but the damage should be nerfed.
for every little thing cage does cause lot of damage for no damn reason.


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lol, nah cage is fine, the bugs could be removed, but other than that he'd fine.

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Cage is a lot better in real life than at the "highest possible level" we always talk about around here. He messes with your reactions and in tournament takes advantage of player's hesitance and nerves. Overall he is a very good character though with one, maybe two really tough matches.