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Mysterious ninja from MKX Comic, a member of the Shirai Ryu, revealed to be named Forest Fox

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So when you win MK and Injustice at Evo you become a comic book character?

When I win Evo can I be Harley's bestest friend in the injustice comics when Injustice 2 is out? :3

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Looks incredibly generic....to the point he could have been one of the shitty new fighters in Deadly Alliance or Deception. Even Kobra looked more interesting than this dude.

I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't in the game at all. Just look at how many characters showed up in the Injustice comic that were never in the game.


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Geez people not everyone has to have ridiculous outfits with spikes and buckles and wraps and hoods out the whazoo.

I like this design.

He looks simple and efficient, no bullshit.

reminds me a lot of human Cyrax's design.

Simple, like an actual ninja but with more character.

I hope he makes it into the game, would be pretty cool to have a legit ninja character in MK and not a magic man with ninja-esque traits. So far we've only had Skarlet and Human Cy and those two were pushing it.