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Match-up Discussion My stupid Black Adam MU chart

Clark L.

F1 ftw.
If u mb divekick, I have to respect it unless u do what most adam players do and thats dash up like a fool or jump at me but besides that, I must respect it.
Braindead said ba can jump at Nightwing all day too. I'm not sure if ba's jump ins are free. I'm not completely sure though


I've heard you've played RedRaptor a time, or two. What are your thoughts on the DS match-up?
I can imagine it's a nightmare to deal with online (that's where you play Raptor, correct?) but I still feel you can get the proper match-up experience. It's a lot easier offline, but still very difficult.
It's usually not too bad when we play online, but it definitely feels like it's DS advantage. He can just jump around a lot and it stops a lot of things, lightning, black magic, divekicks and d2 usually trades with J3. Basically everything Red said. Also, DS having two wake-ups with opposite inputs makes it harder to mix DS up on knockdowns.


All these prices and I'm still free
Honestly I don't have the best answer for this one. When I was playing Yoakss the other day, It just felt like he had to work harder than I did. Maybe it's just because his strings are kind of not that hard to react to(low/overhead). And adam can turtle you out a bit.
Well opinions are opinions, I just feel like it's at least even.