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YOMI Trepound380

Tranquil Anarchy
I cant believe im posting this, but here is my MU chart for HG. yes it is controversial with some of the numbers but i can explain and later will show why i chose what i chose. can this list change? yes it can cause im still learning about each and every character that may change it positively or negatively for HG.
Lets do this.

RM Truth

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Agreed with Batman and Batgirl. Still leaning towards 6-4 Batgirl though.

YOMI Trepound380

Tranquil Anarchy
Ares a 7-3? I don't know about that...Could be even, but I give HG the nod slightly.
every ares i fight offline and online struggles alot in the MU and since ive grown accustom to the timing of WE invulnerability he has only one way to keep her out and thats the axe. the tele is annoying and at best for ares its 6-4 HG but its bad cause her pressure messes him up bad

YOMI Trepound380

Tranquil Anarchy
I am almost positive your experience in Hawkgirl vs Superman still comes from CD Jr. At CEO 2013. :DOGE
no but i need a long set with you offline against tht supes and aquaman. that is if you have time after playing all your fans :REO
but in all seriousness im not going on player skill in this MU chart im going on tools and counters to the overall game supes struggles against hg but the dmg he has is what keeps it close. this MU list can change though
im convinced people confuse my posts for yours half the time lol
Well, you have made some very questionable threads before lol. None as bad as my "Is GL viable" thread tho. Im not really a downplayer tho i speak the truth GL will only get worse and people will realize he isnt that good just because "Ohh you have b1 lol" This community is soooooooooo misinformed


Kitana Kahn
Lol tre. Frost loses 4-6, not 3-7. Its nowhere near that hard. I haven't even lost a set to a HG player since the game came out, let alone felt like it was worse than MMH or Cyborg.

You've played me a lot, online and off, and we go back and forth. How'd you come up with 7-3?!

Fred Marvel

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she beats gl in the pressure and spacing game. at certain ranges he cant zone or even lift and if she knocks him down and keeps pressure up he has no wakeup to get her off of him.
she definitely wins pressure but im not conviced about spacing, well placed turbines are an issue and she does have to be weary of lift from mid range, if she has meter to mb macecharge him to hell he's fucked but cant she do that to alot of people? she can get out of his setups but her wakeups an be baited and punshed for big damage (if you macecharge and i nj3 i can get 48% 1 bar) oas rocket mb catches her flying, minigun catches her idk GL just has the tools with deal with her, im tired as shit so maybe this explanation makes no sense but i dont think she beats him its even at worst

YOMI Trepound380

Tranquil Anarchy
im gonna make a video for each MU thats controversial and show her options and their options and maybe it will seem clearer to you guys. the more i play around with diff solutions with her especially with WE invulnerability the more broken she seems and the more options she has against most the cast. i barely post what i find on here cause i want to show than tell but now i have a high quality way to show what i mean