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My Glacius Match Up Chart

My 2 cents (literal approximation of the monetary value of my MU experience ) on the Wulf vs Glacius matchup:

I don't think its a winning match for Glacius.

5-5, but yeah, it feels more painful than it is to Sabredoge players. I feel helpless not being able to bully Glacius at midrange with Overpower B. Mp getting beat out by Ice Lance in terms of range. Ice Lance also tones down my abuse of Wulf's godlike 6 frame sweep.

I had a really good set with a Glacius player- I'll post videos after Im done with exams. I think it exemplified at least how I think the meta of the match works.

@Posthuman we should play some sets sometime man.


Does anyone have any advice against a good Sadira? I get whooped online constantly by those players.
This is Glacius's toughest match up. Here is a little advice I can give you.

Keep med hail out as much as possible to help keep her out of the air. Also, learn med air kick and heavy air kick w/hail out. It feels wierd at first but you will get use to it.

When Sadira has you in the corner try to cold shoulder dash out when she does air projectiles. Then reset mid-screen and continue to poke her out. Take advantage of big combos when you can and stay away from her. Easier said than done. This match up can be won but it is an uphill battle for sure.

If I had to sum it up in two words...patience and poking my friend. Patience and poking.


The struggle is real.
IN B4 Vagrant comes and blows you up for making a MU thread 2 months in the game (who the fuck cares?)

here's my opinion

Sadira is 3-7 in her favor could be worse
Jago is 4-6 in his favor
Thunder is 4-6 in his favor
Sabre is 5-5 (possibly 4-6 in his favor)
Orchid is 5-5 (possibly 4-6 in her favor)

That is all.