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  1. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind

    My point exactly.

    You don't need psychology lessons to know that some people have lethal mental issues. I propose that if those guys have mental issues like this, they're better off visiting the psychiatric clinics than playing videogames.

    And avoid the politicians no matter what. Those guys are douchebags. They will try to falsely point something just to earn more election points. They will do anything in their own power to find some shapegoats just to make their points. Politicians are nothing more than uneducated, have the lack to investigate anything, and brainless people.

    The videogames are to not blame when someone isn't well in his/her mind. And the politicians need to stop blaming the videogames every time. The caramel of the shapegoat is rotten, and we already know their game, and we do not believe them at all. And finally, the politics are unwelcomed in the gaming world.
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  2. Howțs this tax gonna help, though:?
  3. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind

    This will never help at all. Just a way to profit those douchebags even more.
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    Hur durp!. Me wanna money!. Oh I have an idea!. Make the fools pay for a false sense of security again!. LIke this doesn't happen every time!. They will never suspect anything!.
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  5. Vslayer

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    I agree 100% there's no way to check if someone is mentally stable when buying violent video games and from what I've learned most people in the sociopath range are very good at acting normal so there is no way to tell.

    I think the only real solution is for the Government to focus on trying to nip mental illness in the bud before it gets to that point. Like mandatory check-ups with a physician with experience in mental illness in young adults until they are legal adults would benefit our society greatly, instead of pouring millions of dollars into fancy buildings and what not.

    Mandatory psych classes before college and university, explaining mental illness in a way that is educational and will help these kids realize that talking about their issues is what they should do because that's the biggest problem these days, not asking for help.

    Things like that.
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    I agree, everyone should have a basic knowledge of psychology. Sooooo many people “diagnose” themselves with a mental illness while being ignorant of what it actually means. Sorry lady, you don’t have OCD, you are just a control freak. Sorry man, you don’t have ADHD, you’re just lazy and don’t wanna pay attention in class.
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    God it's always the same fucking tripe. "THING causes all the bad stuff in the whole world, we must control the populace and take away THING!"

    Video games, guns, alcohol, music, free speech, insert whatever you want. It's all just virtue signaling, moral grandstanding nonsense meant to restrict us. Fuck the politicians and never trust ANYONE (you don't know loves you intimately, I'm sure your parents do have your best interests in mind) who wants to tell you how you should live and impose their ideals on you.
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    I want to favorite your comment so bad. Well said.
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  9. I swear the violent video game controversy is the Reefer Madness of the digital age
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  10. Vslayer

    Vslayer Holla if you wanna get Caged.

    Exactly, the fact that these things are commonplace is because people are going to their doctors and saying 'I totally have this thing!' and most of the time the doctors just give them the pills because they don't have the time to research all this stuff especially if they're not specialized in that field. And all this info on the internet is also creating this hypochondriac crisis.

    I told my Doc I was sometimes having trouble sleeping and had anxiety at night and she prescribed an anti-depressant without tests or anything...I didn't take them I mean I don't feel like I needed that at all, I was looking for maybe like checking to see if it's things I eat or allergens or whatnot, but no, I got thrown some crazy ass pill.
  11. ChoseDeath

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    You made the right decision.
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