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Mortal Kombat 11 Official Story Trailer Released!

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Can’t wait to see Kitana’s non-revenant look/s. Also what’s up with Kotal’s sword, looks a bit odd for some reason. Pretty hype though, I hope they give a good overview of Kano (and presumably Cassie’s) full movesets in the stream.


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Im a bit worried. It’s looking really Special Forces heavy already.

And still no sign of a purple Outworld.

Other than that though, great. Love the time travel theme.
Every game in MK has been Special Forces-heavy since like, MK4. The Outer World Investigation Agency took over the Earthrealm storyline pretty hard there and kept it up after that.

Purple Outworld seems officially retconned out as of MKX, so I would not keep your hopes up about that.


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You know, I actually wouldn't be that surprised haha. I mean, this does seem a bit early for a story trailer. I definitely wasn't expecting this until maybe the end of the month, or early April.
me too. panic mode. i mean how did that uncaged guy get access anyways?