Mortal Kombat 11 character re-design: KHROME PROPOSAL

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by StormGoddess, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Invincible Salads

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    so, essentially, this khrome boi ruined the chance of us ever actually getting the character in game like we got tremor? Good job :rolleyes:
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. MagicMan357

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  4. Tanno

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    This guy was a metamorphic. Doubt he'll make the cut there.
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  5. Saltea Moonspell

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    I don't understand whats the big fuss about her being white? If she was Asian, that would be less a "NOPE".

    There could be at least couple reasons for that skin color. I don't If she is white black yellow, young or old, as long as she resemble Jade in terms of looks and movement.
  6. Jynks

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    No it wouldn't.

    I'm all for diversity but I hate just changing things about character. If they are black they should be black, if they are Chinese they should be Chinese, if they are white, they should be white... same for being gay or male or female or w/e.

    If you want true diversity you need to make actually NEW characters that stand on their own.

    I get what you are saying though. A good example is the internet had a collective fit about scarlett johansson playing that character in Ghost in the Shell, but no one gave a shit about a Tessa Thompson playing a 6foot white, blond, blue eyed Norse warrior valkyrie in Thor Ragnarok. So yeah I get it, there is some double standard.

    But.... the basic premise at least for me is that characters should remain as they were originally written. Like the comic community went a little crazy when Marvel's Iceman was ret-conned to be gay but DC has had heaps of openly gay characters for years, like Batwoman for example and no one gave a shit, in fact they are super popular. It wasn't the being gay people didn't like, it was the change to the original characters.

    Jade is black, she has always been black and she should always be black.
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  7. Eddy Wang

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  8. Tanno

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    Damn right, bruh. This shall be a lesson learned as to why I avoid buying Mass Effect Andromeda. You cannot change someone's character, when he/she is already known originally. Lately, they do that in most of the games, and I hate that.
  9. Evil Canadian

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    Not even Ed Boon has the power to stop Khrome from showing up in MK11. If Khrome wills it, it will be done.
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  10. Charybdis

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    Can I just point out that the dude who originally proposed Chrome (as oppposed to Khrome, the fucked up bust of Smoke made in the 90s) was a neonazi who frequently expounded on the virtues of the Aryan bloodline.

    NRS may have a lowkey Sandy Hook truther as Sonya but I don't think they want to totally stab themselves in the foot.
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  11. TackyHaddock

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    To be fair, isn’t she typically more Latina looking?
  12. Swindle

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    If Jade is black, then where does this girl shop for wigs, because they :eek:
  13. HeavyNorse

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    Some artists prefer to make Jade have pale skin. Which I think is fucked up.

    Jade is a dark-skinned Edenian. When people say she's black, I only associate it with the colour of her skin, and not as her actual ethnicity, since she's obviously not from Earthrealm. They might base her design on a certain IRL culture, like Rain has Persian inspired design and Tanya has Egyptian inspired design, but they're still Edenians.

    As long NRS are being consistent with her skin-colour and doesn't make her pale, like the fuck-ups that are her MK9 render and the mobile game version, all is good.
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  14. Saltea Moonspell

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    Alright. I get your point of view, and I can understand it :)
  15. Sablicious

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    Whoever's designing these characters NEEDS to be hired by NRS... STAT!
  16. THTB

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    x THTB x
    Khrome. Yuck.
  17. trufenix


    I'm just so glad khrome shit still exists, even if they can never use him her it whatever. Where NRS won't, the mk fanbase just trolls itself.
  18. Mikemetroid

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    How many times do we gotta ban you?

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