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    1) Skarlet VS Nitara , 2) Mileena -> Empress of Outworld after Kahn's demise , 3) Sareena reviving SubZero.
    Those above are the most interesting points I kept from your ideas and I must say I'd never come with them up.
    1) Skarlet VS Nitara is most interesting as a story mode opener (blood vs blood etc)
    2) Mileena being the ruler of the now fallen and weakened Outworld is interesting. I wouldn't say no of course but I don't know how Onaga could fit in under that scenario.
    3) I like the idea of Sareena reviving SubZero (confusing Kuai Liang with Bi Han) through magic etc but I really got sick of having people being brought back to life with either magic or appealing to the elder gods for help in the MK3 to MK Armageddon era. That's why I'd prefer the simplest of ideas of simply... fixing robo-CyberSub. I prefer human SubZero over Cyber any day - that goes without saying! :)
    My suggestion is: "have Sub in ladder as both human and Cyber kinda like Cyrax in MK9 - different normals & specials, etc... but keep this new story mode's timeline realistic and mature". Now, about the misunderstanding of Sareena helpind Kuai Liang instead of Bi Han is cool... I think I read your idea (in a previous reply to this thread) of Noob Saibot NOT being dead but the "soulnado" moving him to Chaosrealm - That's interesting. It could really work and that means that Boon gets to keep his last name in the game as well! :p
    All in all I'd like to say this...
    When I bought MK3 for the Sega MegaDrive (Genesis in the US) and saw NO Cage, NO Raiden and NO Scorpion, I got mad/disappointed...
    When I bought Deadly Alliance and saw NO Kang I got really disappointed...
    When I bought all those games between MK4 and Armageddon and saw the dead Kang(mk5), dead Raiden(mk6), dead Cage(mk you name it), dead Kahn (mk you name it), dead Mileena (mk4gold-5), dead Kung Lao (mk3) and all the others come back to life I only asked for one thing from the MK franchise: "from now on, please give me some maturity in the story. And more Kang-Scorp-Raiden-Sub of course!". There's also the matter of the cheap/copy cat characters that they created as well... Meat, Mokap, Jarek, Kobra, Kira, Mavado, Hsu Hao, Darrius, Dairou to name some... (Sorry if you're a fan of any of the above - I'm not being offensive). In my opinion -however the new timeline may turn out- the classic mk1-2 characters (yes, even Baraka) should have their place in the games whatever may happen...
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    Sareena doesn't revive Sub-Zero by magic though. She takes him to Quan's purification chamber which is said to return him to his natural state. It's like a healing chamber almost. Even though it's non-canon Moloch and Drahmin entered it in Drahmin's ending and came out something completely different.

    That's why I'm thinking Quan' purification chamber could be used as a plot device to get Sub-Zero back to his human form. Sareena helps him escape from Quan Chi and takes him to this chamber which revives him to his human state. While it is magic, it also seems logical to me.

    Also I don't like any of the copycat characters you listed except for Mavado. I love Mavado and think he should definitely make a comeback in the next game. The rest of those guys can suck it, they were horrible. Mavado to me though could definitely find a place in MK. I also agree that the story does need to be more mature.

    The one thing we disagree on though is turning Liu Kang. Characters switching sides shouldn't happen often, but Liu Kang having it out for Raiden needs to happen. Raiden did afterall get all of his friends killed and this would all lead to Raiden dying and becoming Dark Raiden while Ermac would revive Liu Kang and the others at the end of MKX. Leaving them open for a new game.

    For MKX though Liu kang needs to be bad. He's got a bit stale as the hero all the time, and he needs something different. Look up Prince of Persia: The two thrones. It wasn't a very good game, but the dark version of the prince is what I envision Liu Kang somewhat looking like in MKX. Like Quan Chi has enhanced him or something. Seriously look it up. It's a really cool concept and I think it could be a good look for Liu Kang for one game. Minus the smokey hair though.
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    Would like to point out that this quote is from May 25th.

    Just saying.
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    Who all wants Liu to be in the next game?
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    You know it! ;) Since I don't concider him being dead (just wounded to the point he now is Kabal-like deformed), I don't mind seeing him come back as an enigmatic-neutral (maybe even kind of evil) Kang. Either normal or god-earthrealm protector is fine by me... MK needs a story twist.
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    Yea, her name is Frost. Can you dig it? :)
  8. The more of these theories I read, the more I'm convinced that there's simply nowhere for the series to go but right back to hell (ie: back to Armageddon with the same outcome). It's like Groundhog Day, except a million times more violent and gory.
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    While thank you. Thank You very much. I like Skarlet, one of the best new additions they've had. Yeah, she's a ninja but NRS and Ninjas are like Peanut butter and jelly. They just go together.
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