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Mortal Kombat Armageddon is ONLINE in 2016 - BevP90

Yes Armageddon is playable ONLINE in 2016, and it functions as it did in 2006.
Follow my tutorial carefully and you will be back online. Thanks to a guy called Christian who has his own server and the dudes over at PS2OnlineGaming who captured the packets to preserve this awesome game.
Here is some game play -
Disclaimer: Since a user by The Lone Wolf was so kind to effortlessly copy and paste my Deception online tutorial without crediting me or asking, I thought I'd get here first with my tutorial for Armageddon.
Here is the original tutorial I WROTE to get Deception back online....


The Requirements
1) A PS2 capable of running OPL (Open PS2 Loader)
2) A USB storage device to run your copy of Armageddon
- All players need to run the game from a USB storage device, it prevents the game from desyncing and it prevents loading issues. This was a big problem when two people playing one another would use different methods of running the game. DVD is faster than USB 1.1, just make sure that both you and your opponent are using both DVD, USB or Hard Drive or it'll cause disconnects nearly all the time you try to connect. This tutorial specifically focuses on USB.
3) An NTSC ISO of Armageddon
4) A copy of WinDIP and USBUtil 2.0 - Which I will provide for you in a single RAR file!
Here is the link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/zlqsd1wysl8qp7p/WinDIP_and_USBUtil.zip

Step 1: Patching your Armageddon ISO
Using WinDIP, select your Armageddon ISO, hit scan file, verify version and then you'll need to type in the
disk ID which is... XX XX 01 30 DC

For the XX's you'll need to type in random values, the rules are as follows. 0-9 and A-E
So for example you could have 8A 5C followed by the standard 01 30 DC.
Then hit patch and wait for it to do its thing. Done.

Step 2: Installing your Armageddon ISO to a USB Storage device
Load up USBUtil 2.0, hit close on the opening message, hit file and then create game from ISO.
In the left window where it says 'From:' browse to where you have stored your patched Armageddon iso,
once the iso is detected just select it in the box below labeled 'ISO(s) to transform'
And in the right window where it says 'To:' select your USB storage device.
Name it as you wish, I named it MKA or you can name it MKA Patched if you want.
Hit the create button and USBUtil 2.0 will start to install the game to your USB device.
The Armageddon ISO is quite big, so give it time to finish installing. Wait for the progress bar to get to 100% as well as 1/1 and you will be prompted to close the program. Done, easy.

Step 3: Loading up the game and connecting to the server

Load up OPL, plug in your USB storage device and select MK Armageddon.
The screen will flash colours (Unless if you disabled that option) and then it'll boot if all was successful.
I make sure that checking for USB game fragmentation is disabled because I'm too lazy to defrag, and if you don't have this option disabled it will sometimes prevent your game from loading or it'll give you a white screen.
To connect to the server you'll need to create a new network setting on your PS2, just go to the MK Online menu and create/modify at the bottom.
The Primary DNS is, leave the secondary DNS at - This could change, so always check around for the latest working DNS. Check Bobz or Cristians latest DNS.
Save your network setting, go back to the main menu, MK Online, select the setting you just created and wait until it connects.

When creating your account on the online menu, chill, this is completely free, no credit cards, debit cards, telephone numbers or emails required. Just enter in a username and password you can remember as well as a random DoB and location. It doesn't matter, this just allows you to connect.

DONE! If you need any help, find me over at The ISO Zone or Discord
Join the MK Deception Discord Server! : https://discord.gg/ekYX5aa
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i loved this game, i owned online. i wanna get in on this
Yeah that'd be cool if you could join me and spread the word.
I've made a discord server for Deception as that also has online and I yet again have written a tutorial for it if you are interested.
Let me know