1. Murilima

    Variations System Is a Problem and I Can Prove

    This text went longer then I expecte, but I have wanted bring up this discution a while so... here am'i. I'm a great fan of the entire MK Saga, and didn't came here to bring rage of any kind. I just ment to bring a healthy discution about soming I see as a problem in my so beloved game. My...
  2. MKfanatic98

    What's your most memorable MK moment from childhood??

    As mk11 is almost here i reflected on some crazy times ive had over the years with the previous games. I remember seeing my first fatality, getting in fights with cousins over winning and losing, the feeling of performing that first brutality. Playing MKDs konquest mode and getting a friend to...
  3. BevP90


    Mortal Kombat Armageddon is ONLINE in 2016 - BevP90 Yes Armageddon is playable ONLINE in 2016, and it functions as it did in 2006. Follow my tutorial carefully and you will be back online. Thanks to a guy called Christian who has his own server and the dudes over at PS2OnlineGaming who captured...