MK9 Combo Breaker Top 8 and Results

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    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Combo Breaker is here and TYM has got you covered on everything you need to know. We're going to have results for all three NRS games and coverage for anything else that may go down that you need to know about. Kicking things off, we've got the MK9 Top 8 that just took place on Friday night, throwing everyone back into a time where a robot could take 70% of your life in one touch.

    Our Top 8 was sort of a who's who of the old-school NRS scene, with some expected faces and a few names that you may not have expected:


    Dizzy vs. Curbolicous

    Echo Fox Sonic Fox vs. GGA soonk


    CLN Dab vs. GGA Wafflez

    Compbros vs. Biggs

    While there may not have been enough GGA guys for my liking, you won't catch me saying that this wasn't a hype tourney to watch. If you couldn't catch the stream and want that quick play-by-play, go click that spoiler down below, results are in bold. Otherwise, we'll see you guys tomorrow for the MKX Top 8 at 3pm CST. THIS IS JUST DAY 1 PEOPLE, WE STILL HAVE ALL WEEKEND!
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    1. Law Hero
      Law Hero
      Watching any high-level Mortal Kombat is always such a treat. Very grateful for the tournament and stream.
    2. Biggs
      As the battle raged, Curbolicous revealed himself and raced to the top of the pyramid. There he defeated Sonic Fox and the ethereal power overtook him. Immortality was now his! Though he had been ever-present throughout the crises of the realms, from Tom Brady's first victory to the return of Reo, he had remained hidden from sight, waiting for his moment to come. That moment had arrived. From this day forth, the realms will know Curbolicous as the true champion of Mortal Kombat!
    3. iSuckAtFightingGames
      Was great to see MKxl and MK9 back on stage. I enjoy Injustice but MK is really where my heart is. The nostalgia factor of MK9 was really cool and you could tell that most of the players were trying to swag on stream. MKx regardless of what some people think, to me, is the best NRS game to date. That game is so hype and exciting to watch.

      Thanks to CB TOs and the players, casters and NRS for a fun day 1.. can not wait for day 2!

      Also KP and Aquaman are a casting god duo.
    4. Biggs
      Also some highlights from the tournament that were not streamed.

      Foxy lost to Curbo's brother.
      Curbo's brother had a hype match vs Infinity.
      Killer Xinok vs 16-bit was started out as a blowup but Bit made it interesting.
      Dab beat Forever King offstream.
      Slayer got washed by Bit.
      ETC McFly vs Wafflez was crazy. McFly was up 2-0 and Wafflez reverse 3-0d him.
      My match with Bit was crazy, lost first game with Sonya then brought it back 3-2 in the Kitana mirror.
      My rematch vs Xinok to get into top 8 was a heartbreaker, came down to a pixel final round

      I have to say I was extremely impressed with Xinok and McFly's play. They are both gdlk
    5. Tokiwartoothxdk
      was super fun to watch except sonya lmao
    6. Juggs
      Nice, Curbo beat Fox, that’s all that matters.
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    7. NothingPersonal
      Maaan, this was a blast! Such hype and nostalgia. This game is really great to watch. Thanks to Curbo and the rest for a great show.
      I even enjoyed Kabal a bit. But never again.
    8. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      Yes, it was the final goodbye.

      It was good to see Kabal, but I never want to see him again.
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    9. dribirut
      That was honestly so much fun to watch! The nostalgia was real!
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    10. DownfouralitY
      Curbo winning was quite a surprise, and an awesome one. I knew he'd do well, but damn he fucking rocked it. Easily the hypest part of the tournament for me.
    11. SaSSolino
      Dizzy was the MVP for me, what a great tournament!
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    12. Nephrite
    13. ABACABB
      I was hoping to see reo cd jr pig m2dave brady tyrant wound cowboy .... :( this tourney could be so much better with more classic players , not that it was bad but .... :p
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    14. SaSSolino
      Speaking of, why wasn't Reo there?
    15. Sutter Pain
      Sutter Pain
      This game needs a remaster, bug fixes, netcode and minor balance patch and it would be all I play.
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    16. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      This was an excellent tournament and the nostalgia and the gameplay was all over the place. I was really hoping to see any Reptile or at least a Scorpion or Rain at the tourney, and I can't believe that when Sonic use both Mileena and Sonya, 2 other of my favorites, then he loses, let alone after a bracket reset, but it was still a blast.

      Congratulations to Curbolicous for the win, the man earned it and he deserves it. :)
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    17. Slymind
      CB so far has been something truly special for NRS followers, especially those who were there since 2011, i very much hope that next year, the community comes together for another event like this.

      Seeing Dizzy, Slips, 16 bit, the GGA crew etc. gathering together for a tournament, really took me back to past times.
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    18. ETC Mcfly
      ETC Mcfly
      Thanks man!

      I hope today fight with you. I think I had been able to advance more but that's the way the tournaments are. Congratulations to all who participated and it has been an honor to share with the community. Thanks to everyone who supported me and enjoyed my matches

      The Top8 was impressive.
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    19. SaladPlateLover
      Props to sonicfox for bringing out the og mileena. Made it a lot more old nostalgic
    20. Juxtapose
      This was fantastic fun to watch, and I was pleased with the general character variety and the overall lack of Kabal. Lots of Sonya though, but that was alright.

      What I also really liked was watching a great Mortal Kombat (2011) tournament streamed with modern streaming standards, this helped take it up a notch.

      Also was great to see Sonic's Mileena one more time.
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    21. Marinjuana
      Dizzy has a well kept beard and an even better kept Johnny
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