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MK1/MK2/MK3 Secret "EJB" Hidden Menu Codes Discovered After 20+ Years


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So back in October of this past year (2015), someone went digging into the code for MK1, MK2, and MK3 and found out that the rumored secret Ed Boon menus actually do exist and are somewhat easily accessible. By pressing the Player 1 and Player 2 'Block' buttons in a particular sequence, you can access each game's secret Ed Boon (EJB) menu. Here are the details regarding how to accomplish the menu access and what each game's individual button combos are. Check them out below:





And if you'd rather just use this thread as a guide instead of clicking on a bunch of links, here are the cliff note code listings...

The code is P1 Block (x times) then P2 Block (x times) then P1 Block (x times) etc...


P1 (5), P2 (10), P1 (2), P2 (1), P1 (2), P2 (3), P1 (4)


P1 (5), P2 (10), P1 (2), P2 (8), P1 (2)


P1 (5), P2 (10), P1 (3), P2 (1), P1 (2), P2 (2), P1 (3), P2 (4)

Utilizing my arcade machines, I have verified that these codes work 100%. Here is a video...

Ed Boon has tweeted about how there are still things in the original MK games that no one has found yet. It's believed that these hidden menus might be what he is talking about. Then again...they may not! We shall see. On a somewhat related note, I have a friend who knows how to manipulate and read the game code and he tells me that he is fairly sure the UMK3 Wavenet code is still buried in the Rev 1.2 UMK3 code and can be extracted to create a playable version of the game. It's not confirmed yet and I'm not trying to get anyone's hopes up, but it appears to be a possibility at this time. So stay tuned. If I hear anything, I'll let you all know.

It just amazes me that after 20+ years, new things are still being discovered about the original MK games. It's just awesome. With this all being said, feel free to try it all out for yourselves. Thanks and always remember to FINISH HIM!
I am pretty Sure u guys tested mk4 but how bout war gods? It was build on the same hardware (if I recall correctly Zeus)and imo was the mk4 beta. I dunno if u can even test war gods on mame as last I checked it had issues. Anyone got a board to check this out on (curious if it works on that also)


No, it is not. @Shock mention some noticeable differences once… Especially how the sound emulation is run. The get over here is complete.
Also, some combat codes were removed, combat codes are disabled during ranked combat… If you want to enter codes in reverse order, you have to hit the up button after you select your character. If you want to morph into human smoke you have to input the combination much earlier, and some ending boxes in kahns treasures are changed. The default test menu is not accessible.
You can get to the default test menu on MKAK i've done it before


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Off topic, but check this out. UMK3 has "fast uppercut recovery." Now, so does MK2, lol. It's not a Mame cheat. The actual UJ12 revision rom has been modified...



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That's amazing, man. I will never use it and don't really understand what it is but to find something like this 20 years after the games creation is really something.

Kudos to you and your friend.

I would love to see Boon's reaction also


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Lol all those views. Congrats dude!
Thanks but I wish I could give credit to the person who actually discovered them. All I did was make a video showing them in action and all these places are acting like I found them. I just don't want anything to come back and bite me in the ass. The video is getting around 25,000 views an hour, currently.
Further messing around produced this on PS3.

Then I turned the game volume all the way down… Just for grins. When you are in the blue portal, you get Motaros scream at the beginning of the round. No other noises. You occasionally get a grant or a scream that is not consistent with what you would expect. Some of the sounds are actually very creepy.
In attract mode, you get "choose your destiny" when any of the characters bios come up


I was just messing around with the code and discovered that the EJB MENU code is present on 7 roms of MK2 but in the rest of the mk roms is just in one, curious right?



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I found a guy was behind the clue on 1994

yes it was. still congrats to @YourMKArcadeSource to popularize this, as not many people know about https://tcrf.net - this site has tons of useful stuff for not only mk games.

the trick works in MKAK, MAT2 (tested on PS2 and GameCube), UMK3 from MKA Premium Edition and MK1 from MK Deception Bonus Disc (tested on PS2) -> as stated many times, this is revision 4.0, not T-Unit 5.0 ;]

If someone can test on PS3 MKII and XBLA UMK3 (although I'm almost sure it works there as well).

I would be able to test it on MAT:EP, MAT: DE and Nintendo DS later as well.


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Thand @ded

I made a "short version" of the EJB menu access procedure to appease the Negative Nancy's who were saying I was boring and repetitive and couldn't stand to hear my voice, lol...