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MK1/MK2/MK3 Secret "EJB" Hidden Menu Codes Discovered After 20+ Years


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That's cool. I remember when people thought Rain was playable but he was just apart of the demo reel:(

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@YourMKArcadeSource Great post, Mike. Did your friend leak this anywhere else? I ask because it looks like the EJB Menu was added to The Cutting Room Floor by an administrator back in October. I'm just wondering where they got it.


EDIT: I must be blind. The site cites themselves as the source.
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so, I take it the wavenet code was a false positive?
I know, I'm getting ahead of myself, but there's nothing in UMK3's EJB menu that points towards Wavenet.


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I got both controllers active, and then started inputting the code once the blue letterbox came up.

@YourMKArcadeSource if it's OK with you I'll post a video on how to do it on PS3. I just want to make sure your arcade version video is up first
Yes if you could post a video that would be great. Because i'm on MKAK on PS3...and there is no blue box? There is a menu, options and character select screen etc. I don't see a blue letterbox..
Is not MKAK exact the same thing as arcade with no changes? Even the cut for "get over here" still there? if so i dont surprised this menu is still available too.
No, it is not. @Shock mention some noticeable differences once… Especially how the sound emulation is run. The get over here is complete.
Also, some combat codes were removed, combat codes are disabled during ranked combat… If you want to enter codes in reverse order, you have to hit the up button after you select your character. If you want to morph into human smoke you have to input the combination much earlier, and some ending boxes in kahns treasures are changed. The default test menu is not accessible.