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Rant incoming

People really need to chill with crying about characters and Kameos being too good. If you want to play a boring balanced game, MK11 is right there for you and most of you should have it, so just play that. Let us have fun with all the craziness in MK1. No one needs to be nerfed right now. You could make arguments that maybe some characters could use some buffs like Sub, but stop whining about the good characters & kameos being too good. Let the game live and breathe for a bit without popping a blood vessel please. Thanks

End rant


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I agree no nerfs are needed only buffs. Sub-Zero needs to be reset to his Beta version and I feel like Scorpion is just missing something I dunno. Like Special cancel during B3, make standing 2 a mid, and add one decently fast overhead or low normal/string that can be canced from. Those minor changes would be really huge for him I think.