MK 11 Premium Edition Extras?

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat' started by phantomthief99, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. We all know that the premium edition will have most likely have a different cover, The base game and the DLC included. But knowing nether realm they’ll probably include a little extra. Predictions guys? I feel like it’s likely gonna be another action figure of some sort

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    Gotta be careful with the titles... should've put a "?", that is if there isn't already a thread for this.
  3. FoughtDragon01

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    If the premium edition doesn't come with a letter apologizing for killing off Mileena with a walking beehive, I'm gonna feel ripped off.
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  4. Gamer68

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    Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition (which is basically that game's Premium Edition, same $99.99 price tag and everything) for me included:
    • The game (with completely different disc art and it actually says "Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition" on it as well)
    • Steelbook case, with artwork on the inside.
    • Code for the Ultimate Pack
    • Mini-comic featuring Supergirl's backstory
    • Booklet full of legal information
    I'm pretty much expecting MK11's Premium Edition to be the same thing, minus the comic because they aren't doing those anymore. I doubt that they will add anything to make up for it, but who knows, maybe they will give us stickers or something.
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  5. I hope it’s something more than a steel book case and dlc. Give us a Scorpion mask and spear. That would be tight

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  6. MKF30

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    I'm thinking we'll get early access to some cool skins or perhaps exclusives ones only via Pre ordering Premium like maybe some awesome classic ninja skins, pieces, masks etc!
  7. Gamer68

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    Usually things like that are included in a Kollector's Edition. The Premium Edition is basically just the game + season pass with a steelcase.
  8. Guys

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  9. Guess who called the scorpion mask phantomthief99 working with NRS confirmed

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