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Mileena not revealed, but sure to come.


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Lets be real here, the vampiric princess is for sure going to be in the game. I have heard rumors that she has been conformed by some, but there is no hard evidence yet basically. But in all honesty... she has to return, she's a quintessential character to the MK series. Also Kitana is back! And that bitch was dead, so there is no way that Mileena (who lived in MK9) is going to not come back.

Just to pump up some hype for our main, devious, bitching chick: what do you think her story involvement will be? What moves do you hope she'll retain? And what new things do you hope that her game play will lean towards? (Footsi character, zoning, anti- zoning, pressure, grapple, ect..)

For story: I think she's going to go on a revenge rampage against Raiden being the ultimate target for killing Shao Kahn. I do, however, think that she will also be on a quest to slaughter Quan Chi. At which point Mileena and Kitana will team up to kill Quan Chi, and then Mileena will then continue her quest to kill Raiden at which point she and Kitana will have a face off to the death where Kitana will kill Mileena. (I think Kitana is more revenged driven against Quan Chi but still loyal in terms of morals to Raiden and what he stands for).

Character Game Play : I hope that Mileena will be, as she as very commonly been, a anti zoner. I like having the tool set to shut down a zoner's game and force them to come to me or panic trying to keep me out. I do hope that her game play is this time heavier on the pressure side along with anti zoning. Last game she was much more of a footsi based character, I'd like to see more frame traps with decent zoning (Instant Air Sai's ftw).

Returning Moves: I hope, of course, she has her teleport dive kick: faster and a usable tool to get in for pressure anywhere on the map. Denies tons of zoning and MB is plus on block. Roll: This move is a classic so they cannot NOT have it in. Low hitting? Please? Vampire bite: it would be cool if this was a move that drained some of the opponents life and transfered over into Mileena's.

For variations, I'm hoping for one that is very teleport heavy. Teleport from below, behind, and in front, one that is used to get in at any time. I hope there is a variation that drains life on hit and translates into maybe extra meter or extra health of extra energy sprint bar. And then a heavy pressure variation, her moves are just more plus on block.


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NRS and Ed Boon are holding up her reveal yet, but, I think she will make it ..... being part of MKX , cause :
1.If you have Sub-Zero and Scorpion, having Kitana without Mileena seems .... weird, hum ? :eek:
2. For logical story mode plot reasons, hehe ;)
3. She is badass and a classic cool character, with huge fan base and with marketing appellative appeal to MK franchise, so, a character that must be in the game, rsrs :cool:
4. She is a crazy chaotic bitch, so ..... that's funny :p


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LBSH,Kitana in roster without Mileena?Of course she will be in game.Personally if they revealed Kitana they confirmed Mileena imo.


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I think she will be in, she's just too cool not to include in the game tbh. I hope she retains her roll, IAS's and tele, a few new specials I think would improve her character. I hope she gets some decent strings this time around too they were a little meh in MK9 IMO!!


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gameplay wise, yeah, maybe one of her variations could be heavily based on teleport variations ..... and her roll move, should be a low hit this time, being blocked only with low defense .... Mileena used to be one of fastest characters of MK, so, hope they make her fast as hell in MKX .....

regardless, we gonna break down her gameplay into a lot of analysis in near future, hehe :D


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One of the absolute coolest things I have seen in a fighting game is when I realized after connecting with the B2 sai stab in MK9, when you hit them with bite she stabs them repeatedly; it also deals additional dmg. Animation still looks awesome, wish there were decent ways to set it up but for sure hoping that idea returns in MKX



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I don't know why people keep saying this. One of them has been in a game without the other twice, three times if you count MKvsDC.

With that being said I think Mileena is practically guaranteed for MKX, but not just because Kitana's there.
4 times, no? MK Gold, MK: DA, MK: Deception and MK vs DC?

Edit: NVM. Both were in Gold. I'm a goose.

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Lost me at the vampire part....

But yeah she seems to be a major player in the comic so unless the big twist final in the comic is her death... She should be a big part of the game if not a boss/sub boss type..


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First of all, this is the best thread currently on TYM. Second of all, I'd like to see her variations as follows:

Universal Moves: Teleport kick, Ball Roll, and Sai Toss

Variation 1: Uses sais to attack, allowing her to enhance her strings (ala kano) and gives her extra range in addition to a bleed status (perhaps she could stab a sai in them for a set amount of time before it disappears).

Variation 2: She gains her bite back, and given her inevitable mixup ability, gains health back every time she successfully lands it. Bite could also allow her a timed strength buff, after all, she just fed. :joker:

Variation 3: Very teleport heavy. In addition to her standard teleport kick she gains the ability to cancel it for fakeouts and to choose the positioning of where her teleport lands.

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I think she's going to be one of the last bosses in the game.

She's shaping up (in the comic) to be the big bad right now, so powerful that Kotal Kahn is going to need an alliance with Earthrealm just to stand a chance. Hopefully she's selectable and not an unplayable boss or sub-boss or something.


Yeah she will definitely make it. I just wonder why they have kept her reveal for so long. All the obvious characters have been revealed, and even some not that obvious so that's a bit weird.Could it be that the "Returning character who comes back as a boss" is Mileena?


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I'm pretty confident she's in too for reasons such as:
  • Plot significance - Like others have said, in the comic she's already been established as a big player in rivaling Kotal Kahn for the throne of Outworld with Reiko at her side. It's unclear (although more likely) if Reiko is the mastermind for the throne power play with Mileena being manipulated by Reiko.
  • New Costume - Seen in my avatar lifted straight from the comic, Mileena is in a new costume.
  • Gamestop MKX trailer - Talks about "old rivals like Kitana vs Mileena" in the Gamestop commercial.
  • @Mr. Mileena told me she's in and he's not allowed to lie.