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Masquerade Skin Pack


I don't want to be a party pooper but I think they look terrible. Only Jade's look decent.

And they release a Haloween themed pack without Vampire Skarlet ? What a waste.
Mexican; Day of the Dead.

They did it first with Kitana on mobile a few years ago.

Surprised they didn't include that one on this pack as it would've been a perfect pairing with Liu Kang.
definitely not getting them seeing as how i only want the kabal skin. also that fake kabal krushing blow combo in the trailer
I just thought it was that south american night of the dead thing?
That scene in Karate kid if I recall is Halloween based and if you look at the pants they seem to have a South American theme and it looks very Dia De Los Muertos.

It's kind of cool cause the pack has United States pop culture, South American culture and Euro culture, it's pretty dope as a combo.
I'm not convinced about this supposed attitude of "no sexy outfits for the girls"... So they're happy to give Jade loads of cleavage, side boob, open toe heels and underbun with this skin set, yet Cassie's still head to toe in clunky space armour or a VERY unflattering PVC cosplay? Cetrion's heaving breasts are also practically falling out of one of her outfits (again with ample underbun) which when combined with the rain falling on her is just shameless wet t-shirt contest imagery.

Please NRS just give us something better for Cassie; I'm not asking for her to look like a whore, just want her to look athletic and actually feminine (like the Endurance skin in MKX), since you know, that's seemingly meant to be a huge part of her actual character?!