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Masquerade Skin Pack


"Now Available!" it says... but there's nothing in the PS store or in the game about it.
Yeah, and the purchase link under the vid goes to page for MK11 as a whole.

Are my eyes going bad or is this Jade skin significantly more revealing than what we had before? Didn't really expect that to happen.
$100 for this game and I have to pay extra for the purple staff Jade has had since forever.

I truly hate WB.
yeah, till now every skin pack was included in the season pass...i really hoped this will continue for this year/first season.
i wonder if you can purchase them ingame seperately via cristals...would be better than to ask straight for additional cash.
Kabals is easily the worst of the 3. He looks like that normally lol. Other 2 look sweet though.
It probably looks better with his Skull mask.

But that's legitimately MKX Jason, he even has the same ripped up undershirt

I hope they do more crossover skins like this.