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General/Other - Kung Lao Kung Lao's position in Tier List now?


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After the lastest patch he's better or worse? Many godlike Lao's player gave up on him or cannot use him to fight untill the Grand Final in a Tournament. Discuss your thoughts and opinions about him here, all his 3 variations ^^


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Mid tier, very solid just not amazing, you have to work pretty hard to take matches with him. He has his issues of course, but you can do fine in a lot of matchups, you just have to know how to play him effectively.
Kung Lao (or 3 variations of his) is at the bottom of viable tier, only above a few unviable variations. Tempest and Buzzsaw are slightly higher, Hattrick is worse

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Imo one of the worst characters in the game which is basically mid tier. There's no low tier outside of a few variations.
the meta change killed him.
The buffs he got was from the past meta, he didn't received anything from the current meta to stay relevant imo, so its the change brought him lots of issues in neutral and knockdown.

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i'd say lao is upper mid tier, he's a solid character, just he doesnt really have any dirt outside of his buzzsaw 50/50's and a few situational setups.


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He's very good. You just need pretty high execution/ reactions to use him well which very few players have..


As a lao main he is just a average character with average moves. If he had a wakeup which should be spin and spend 2 bar for launch then different story.
But he's nothing without his wakeup.


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Agree with overall sentiment in that he is exactly mid tier. He does fight some higher tier characters well though, like Flamefist, Sorcerer, Dragon Naginata and Spectral.
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On paper Buzz Saw should be a beast. Overhead strings and a low projectile and access to spin. But he's not the super mix heavy god and he isn't very safe. Hat Trick has holes in his offense that NRS has never addressed. Tempest just had good damage. All three had great movement. Not to say any of his variations are bad but now all three have to work significantly harder to do anything that some of the top of the cast do for free.

That and EX Spin when it had armor got a lot of mileage. Now that it's got no armor it's seldomly used in comparison to older renditions. But he still can exploit characters with gaps. Flamefist, Spectral and the like.