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Kung Lao Discussion Thread


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21 doesn't jail, that's the problem. 2 does but not the rest. Obviously on hit everything hits but why risk it when you have 121 - great shimmy and os.

That's probably their reason not to fix 21 whiffing on crouch block. Very stupid reason imo.
Thats what i was referring to, and against lao if lao is grounded there is no reason not to block low. Your d3 will be blocked. It doesnt jail on block. I wasnt arguing, the string does not jail only 2 does as someone said before.


Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes
So how is his wakeup different? Is it wider? Does it anti air better? Or was this just fixing some jank like making the two hits combo more consistently?


Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes
I don't even know why they buffed it. I have always thought Lao's U3 was one of the very few who could catch crossups.
Yeah I agree, it even hits twice, that's why I'm wondering if this was even a real buff or if it was just cleaning up some inconsistency.