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Kombat Pack 1 characters leak by IGN


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So according to this russian guy, IGN posted a page with 3 KP1 characters, but then deleted it in minutes. It's supposed to be a draft, but it is supposedly true. Also he says today XBOX inside will post the real list of characters for KP1. So we just have to watch. Chars are: Mileena, Takeda, Sindel.


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All this does is deflate the excitement if it proves true during the Inside Xbox presentation, which is pretty imminent. Feeling strong regrets about opening this thread.


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I find it odd that they would let a third party reveal the DLC lineup. I dont believe that has ever been the case in the past.


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I feel ya but what could one have expected by clicking on a thread titled “Kombat Pack 1 characters leaked by IGN”
Oh, yeah. I'm not blaming OP or anything. It's just my voicing my own regret. Temptation is a terrible force...


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If this is some sort of community guide thingy that anyone can edit, someone could have just created guide pages for Mileena, Takeda, and Sindel. The reason why it was taken down is because it was false information.

I feel like this is the case considering Mileena is pretty much de-confirmed, Takeda is misspelled as "Takeeda", and the Mileena, Takeda, and Sindel line-up seems too easy to guess. NRS using throws in some characters you didn't expect as DLC, pretty much everyone and their mother has guessed that line-up.