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Kombat Kast #7, this Friday at 3pm CST


Let's see Cetrion because she looks out of this world. :D

And of course Noob! Just wish in a way it wasn't Friday cause Shazam comes out, that movie was awesome unless I see it earlier. ehh hmmm
I don’t care about seeing the kharacters anymore. I wanna hear about the game modes like the krypt,towers of time and the online modes but mostly the krypt
Interesting. I hope they show Kitana.

But I think Erron Black and Kollector are more likely to be shown.

Everybody forgot about D'Vorah by now.
D'Vorah is such a unique character that it's especially strange for her, of all characters, to exist in this limbo between... well, existing and not. Her presence will have such a huge impact on the roster in terms of aesthetic and gameplay. It's just bizarre that we know it WILL have that impact, but not exactly what that impact will be. I dunno if this makes sense to anyone except me. I just really want to see her already, even if I have no intention of playing her.
Looking forward to the Noob breakdown but they need to show Shao Kahn and D'vorah already. Shao Kahn was a day one pre-order reveal for crying out loud. I wouldn't mind Frost or Erron Black either but we will most likely see Cetrion and maybe Kitana. i am not really interested in those two. So that's a bummer for me.
Thats dope but lets keep it all the way live. Everybody will be looking at the reveals and be like, "Oh great but which moves can I really use?" :DOGE
I mean, pretty much. There's going to be a large chunk of the kast where we look at some custom variations that 16-bit made, and he talks about what variation "he plays," all while we know that none of that is remotely relevant to anything other than the game's goof-off mode.
You can drink each time any of NRS guys says that something is 'awesome'. I bet you won't last 15 minutes! :D
Kombat Kast drinking game rules (feel free to add on). Take a drink when:
  • Anyone says something is "awesome"
  • Derek says, "Whaaat?" an octave over his usual speaking voice
  • Tyler doesn't block
  • Anyone describes a character as good outside of normal footsie range
  • Steve claims this is his favorite costume/outfit/skin
  • Tyler forgets about birthday shout-outs, and Derek remembers them
  • Someone says "meter burn" instead of "amplified"
  • Whenever Tyler or Derek drop a combo
I bet most people couldn't complete this with water :p

But seriously, loving the Kombat Kasts. Keep up the good work, and welcome to the home stretch before launch!
If it is not going to be Kitana this week, I wonder if there is something going on with her. I have a suspicion that she will be a big part of the storyline or something big is happening with her and they are trying to keep it under wraps.