kombat kast

  1. 98Greener

    Kombat Kast 4/23/19 - 3pm Central Time

    This is most likely going to be them explaining about insane Towers of Time, the Krypt, and other concerns we have. I know we had confirmation about a Kast, but now we have a time. Figured we'd discuss it here, when it arrives, too.
  2. 98Greener

    Kombat Kast #7, this Friday at 3pm CST

    https://twitter.com/MortalKombat/status/1113535230902657024?s=19 A new Kombat Kast has been announced for this Friday, April 5th, at 3pm CST. Noob Saibot's character breakdown will be shown, and most likely some other mystery character. My bet's on Kitana, but given the GameInformer news...
  3. MKF30

    NRS taking questions for this week's Kombat Kast!

    Just so everyone knows, they're doing Q & A again. I really wish they'd dedicate an entire stream to just answering a lot instead of a few but I get they want to get the rest of the show in. https://twitter.com/tylerlansdown Ask your question with #AskTheKombatKast at the end...
  4. Sablicious


    With the entire base roster leaked like amniotic fluid from a 9-month-old sac housing octuplets (and some DLC's near-confirmed), a paltry, measly, meagre, scroogy, single character "reveal" per "Kombat Kast", from here on in, will categorically NOT suffice. The ploy of keeping the idiots in...