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Klassic MK Stage Leaked in MKX PC Files?

Tim Static

MKO's Murdoink has recently found a file on the PC MKX that could be an indicator of at least 1 Klassic Stages to come for MKX in the future. THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A RUMOR AT THIS TIME & SHOULD ONLY BE TREATED AS SUCH FYI. But one has to wonder, why not Klassic stages & why not a pack w/ 3 or 4? If NRS released this, what 3 stages w/ The Pit do you think should be included in such a DLC Pack? Share in the comments, but check out the image Murdoink shared on his twitter account below:

Thanks to @Murdoink & MKO for bringing this to light!


Tim Static

I wanted to say something with a stage fatality, so I'll go w/ the Prison from MK4 (w/ same animation for fatality too lol) or the Belltower w/ stage fatality along w/ any various Portal stage from arcade era & The Bank from MK3 since it was left out of UMK3.

was trying to stay away from stuff that was redone in MK9 lol


The Pit II from MK2. That would be great for a stage fatality, especially if NRS doesn't get lazy about it.


I want Kronika to step on my face
We don't have stage fatalitites anymore.

But we can see it reborn as a stage brutality, which could also be cool.


This type of fun speculation I can get behind. I would fucking LOVE the Pit II in this goddamn game. Wildly underrated stage fatality. It's so minimalist, yet so brutal.
This could be redundant files (debug info) that wasn't removed in the final code. I know from close sources that debug code for stage fatalities was in earlier pre-release builds but was later taken out before the final product was shipped to consumers. It's possible that stage DLC may return, yet don't your breath.