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Kitana UMK3 Infinite


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Both c.LK and c.LP infinites work only in the right corner and in MK3 and UMK3 (i will fix the topic), not in MKT.

The c.LP infinites need special setup to work. So far, I think only Kitana, Cyrax, Sektor, Ermac, Hsmoke, Scorpion, Kung Lao, Kabal (its not in UMK3 Infini2 but i know he has it too) and Reptile have c.LP infinites. The timing is really annoying since c.LP pushback has weird properties and recovery.

The c.LK infinites are universal for everyone except Sindel. Be sure the corner resets rule is working. Run and aaHP the opponent, then just move under and start tapping c.LK. After first 2-3 hits, it gets easy, since c.LK has faster recovering time than c.LP.


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UMK3 Strategy Guide said:
Corner Resets (directly from Lex)

This is going to be difficult to explain in text, but I will do the best I can.
So back to what I was saying about crossup throws, when you land on top of them and the sprites overlap, if you dont throw, the attacker will "ice skate" out of the overlap. Theres rules for this when it happens in the corner, and its very useful to know. Let me start out with mock up of the starting positions:

p1 - player one's starting position
p2 - player two's starting position
p1c - player one corner
p2c - player two corner
| - wall

|p1c p1 p2 p2c|

p2 backs p1 all the way back into p1c so that he can't go any further. Now, when p2 jumps on top of p1's sprite, he will always be pushed back out of the corner and p1 will remain in the corner. p2 will not be able to get behind p1 while p1 is backed all the way into p1c.

so, if p2 is backed all the way in p1c, and p1 jumps on top of p2's sprite, then p1 will be in the corner and p2 will be pushed out. So why is this useful? Read about kabals corner trap below and you shall see.

example character: kabal

its kabal vs. kabal. im p2 and I back p1 all the way into HIS corner, and he blocks. I start the corner rj's while waiting for him to let go of block. once he does, I hit him with the flash (B, F + LK) then the corner reset pushes me
back OUT of the corner. Instead of doing the uppercut combo (which will push me back on the final hit), I continue to rj until he lets go of block and i hit him w/ the flash once more. Again, the corner reset keeps him trapped in the corner, but this time I sweep him. The most common reaction to this is to "wake up jump" out of the corner. So after I hit him w/ the sweep, I hit LP to juggle him immediately after he jumps, and I get pushed back cause its a juggle. THEN, I cancel with the flash during the "ice skate" and spin him in the air. Since his forward jump brought him out of the corner a little bit, and he was NOT all the way back into the corner, I DON'T get pushed out of the corner. Instead, he's hovering off of the ground and I get flipped around, setting me up for an easy 2xHP, JK, Fireball juggle for 42%.


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
That's what I thought you meant. So, Player 1 is the only one that can do this infinite?

Oh, and I've gotten one volley one time out of 100+ tries with Kitana lol ...this shit is hard!