Ketchup & Mustard: Choose Your Destiny -Sonya (mix-up queen)

Discussion in 'Sonya Blade' started by StormGoddess, Feb 3, 2019.

By StormGoddess on Feb 3, 2019 at 10:19 AM
  1. StormGoddess

    StormGoddess Your mind tricks won't harm me!!!

    In the last of the current series of Choose Your Destiny, Leicester's favourite sons bring us a detailed breakdown of Ronda R-sorry, Sonya Blade!


    The CYD series has been, without a doubt, the best MK11 content on the internet. If the boys keep this momentum and quality up going into MK11 proper, they'll somehow become even more invaluable to the scene than ever.

    Aaaaaand if you want live, thorough breakdowns of the MK11 footage they captured, check out the broadcast from earlier today on:

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Discussion in 'Sonya Blade' started by StormGoddess, Feb 3, 2019.

    1. Crimea
      I wonder what framedata on her air kick and if it's usefull of whiff
    2. Vslayer
      Rush down you say? I'm in love.
    3. Slymind
      Another great content from the brothers.

      I just hope they add some startup or recovery to that projectile, it seems a bit too good for a character that is already pretty deadly up close.
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    4. Espio
      Exactly my point so that bodes poorly for things like leg grab if they aren't present at all.
    5. SaltShaker
      Oh ya I wasn't expecting run into mixup into +15 on block follow ups for more mixup MKX offense lol. But I did expect some of the characters to play similar to the style with 50's/loops/+frames/etc. It's fairly obvious at this point that some characters will have incredibly strong offense. Which is fine, as long as that's not the only viable playstyle.

      I just found it hilarious that in one day, day -90, so many people declared offense "dead" with no context or substance. More proof than ever that people need to pipe down about characters ability until they actually play for a sustained period of time.

      With all that said, F the hate. Sonya looks hella interesting this time around. I like this design better than the prior one(s).
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    6. MKF30
      Ha, and people thought Skarlet was strong...

      Sonya clearly can still rushdown, good 50/50's and can zone with buddy/her rings. Definitely a versatile character.
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    7. Hara-Killer
      Well It Seems that Sonya is Top Tier Again .... just give us 3D era chars for at least we got Whooped with style
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    8. Colares

      Have you seen the matches from the Brazillian event?

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    9. xWildx
      Are we not going to discuss how good her zoning looks when she has that damn robot out?
    10. xKhaoTik
      Isn’t that just gear tho? I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that competitively if I’m not mistaken.

      But I am curious to know if we can cancel short hops into specials. Because if we can, I see Sonya zoning with iaOnion rings lol.

      But idk what everyone is complaining about. I like what I see.
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    11. xWildx
      Depending on what NRS does with variations this time around, maybe. Plus, I feel like I heard somewhere that each move will be incorporated into a variation for competive play.
    12. Relaxedstate
      Wait... ia projectiles?
      Do we know the recovery frames on them yet? Or block/hit advantage on using meter?
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    13. Hara-Killer
      this Dronya will make a lot of salty and rage and Hara-kiris , dark future ahead
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    14. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Yes that is the case. And because this drone special is most likely gonna be for only one Variation specifically, it seems she won't get any more unique moves for that Variation, like with SF Sonya in MKX.
    15. Lokheit
      The drone looks like what Poison Ivy's should've been in a perfect world lol.
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    16. ShepherdOfFire
      She looks even funnier to play than I expected
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    17. Vslayer

      Also, I think I have no choice to at least have her as a pocket character, she looks really fun to play. I'm not a fan of zoning so I'll only resort to it if I'm being zoned out by the opponent and the Bud-E leap is so freaking cute.

      An eye for an eye, bruh.
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    18. TopTierHarley
      Short hops can't be cancelled into specials. It's just one normal
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    19. xiskza
      I mean she always seems to cling onto the top tier, so I wouldnt be surprised if she was once again

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