Karen Strassman possibly not reprising her roles as Kitana / Mileena

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by xXRagingFlameXx, Jan 2, 2019.

By xXRagingFlameXx on Jan 2, 2019 at 12:23 PM
  1. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx Pennywise the Dancing Clown for MK11

    So, I was playing some MKX and thinking "Omg, the voices of Mileena and Kitana are so freaking good I wonder who did them. I found out it's the amazing Karen Strassman who does both and I was curious to see if she'd given any hints or liked anything on Twitter in terms of her returning to Mortal Kombat 11.

    I saw this response to a tweet asking if she'd be returning as Mileena and Kitana


    She says:
    I can't be the only one who will be a little disappointed if she doesn't show up as Kitana or Mileena in MK11. She played the roles so well. I know they could always find new voices, but she's yet to disappoint me and her portrayal of Mileena is the best, imo. Maybe these are the same 'politics' that got Scorpion recast as well?

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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by xXRagingFlameXx, Jan 2, 2019.

    1. JBeezYBabY
      I heard about this too early today and im not too bothered by this. Voices of these characters are just a small fraction of what makes a fighting game great. But I can see why other people are bothered by this.

      Just give me great gameplay mechanics and im good ;)
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    2. xXRagingFlameXx
      That's very true, but I'm gonna find it hard to get immersed into the story if I'm gonna have a bunch of Ronda Rousey level actors in my ear for hours naaahhhhh.
    3. CrimsonShadow
      TBH though, it's not like the MK story mode has always been a bunch of Gary Oldmans and Tom Hanks's. It's always a bit cheesy, the acting is "ok for videogames", and we enjoy it because it's fun and no other fighting game has a story mode that's even close to this.

      We're not picking it apart because it's not Naughty Dog. Ronda would probably be just fine.
    4. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      ronnie rousey will never be just fine she is a plague on all things!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. xXRagingFlameXx
      Yeah, I agree. The story is what makes Mortal Kombat for me. I don't even know how much time I've spent just reading all the lore lol. The story of this game is bound to be huge and that's exciting I just hope we get good voices to accompany the great story.

      I don't have a problem with Ronda Rousey, I've only seen like two or three of her WWE fights (I personally only watch WWE for Finn Balor, but that's off topic) but I know she's a fan favorite.

      If NRS thinks it'll bring in more customers to have some celebrity voices, then, by all means, they can do it. I'm fine with NRS making more money cause that means more games from them. I just don't want those voices to deter from the story or make the story any less than what it could be if that makes sense.

      Ronda could prove me wrong and be the best Sonya on the whole damn block, that would be great! I just don't think that'll be the case.
    6. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      A celebrity voice is usually brought in because that voice is somewhat notable, even if they aren't a great voice actor. Like say, John Goodman in the first rage game.

      Ol' ronnie rousey her voice is hot trashhhhh. You want a voice for Sonya get Mary Elizabeth McGlynn or something, she kinda has a long history of doing the mature badass female voice and would be cheaper than rousey to boot. Also then you can have her do a scene with Raiden(richard epcar) to have a ghost in the shell reunion :eek:
    7. JBeezYBabY
      OH MY SWEET GURKENS! I forgot about that Rumor of Rhonda being the voice of Sonya. Maaaaan i dunno about that one.
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    8. GLoRToR
      A great actress not getting major roles is a big deal on many levels but I don't feel like we're that impacted ourselves unless someone's a diehard fan of her voice acting.
      I do feel sorry if she misses out on this role, and I hope she gets a similarly huge or even bigger job opportunity instead.
    9. New York Pizza
      New York Pizza
      I luv u Karen Strassman ever since I first googled u back in 2011.

      "IN DE NEHHHH"

      Susan Eisenberg would be LIT
    10. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      As long as Sub-Zero’s voice actor from MKX and I2 is back it’s alright, coolest voice in both games, same for Tremor if he’s back
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    11. Juxtapose
      In my opinion, voice actors in games can really make the characters, but they're not always irreplaceable.

      Look at StarCraft II. They got the same voice actors for a 2010 title that they had in 1998 for Raynor and Mengsk, and that worked perfectly. They got a different actor for Zertaul (since the original voice actor had passed away between titles) and while he did a very good job, he just didn't feel right.

      Yet they also got a completely different voice actress for Kerrigan, and that worked well.

      The moral: If the voice talent is overall good, so will be the portrayal of the character. I thought Straussman was a fantastic Kitana and Mileena; the best yet. Assuming it's someone new this time, hopefully they're equally stellar.
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    12. HellblazerHawkman
      Oh shit, then we could get a scene where Kitana starts singing and it would be great. I need this in my life
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    13. CrimsonShadow
      MK: The Musical probably needs to happen at some point.

      Imagine Baraka's solo feature :cool:
    14. JBeezYBabY
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    15. zerosebaz
      Good. She was great as Millena, but her Kitana sucked. I hope whoever did Shao Khan in MK9 is replaced as well, he was terrible.
    16. HeavyNorse
      I'm somewhat ignorant on this topic, as I haven't followed up with what's happened with Voice Actors. I know they went on a strike, but I don't know the details behind it really, or what it resulted in.

      Does someone know of a good article explaining all this?
      Or does anyone have it in them to explain it to me?

      I like Karen Strassman's work on Kitana and Mileena in the past games, so if it's true she's not returning to voice them can either mean Kitana and Mileena won't be in MK11, or that they found someone else. Either case, that's pretty sad, imo.

      I noticed some VA's from MK9 didn't reprise their roles in MKX, such as Lani Minella as Sindel, but considering Sindel's role in MKX being very small, I understand that WB instead chose to use Kelly Hu who was already doing D'vorah's voice as well.

      I can't help but wonder what that means for Kitana and Mileena though. Kitana's role in MKX was also kinda small, but it ended with her becoming the new Empress of the Netherrealm! That just seems like a big deal and it's definitely something I'd like to see more of in MK11. As for Mileena, she died so she might actually skip MK11 because of that, however, she is one of the most beloved female characters of the franchise, if not THE most beloved, so her being completely gone from MK11 kinda seems unlikely. If anything, at least she should be DLC then, imo.

      Luckily the wait for information isn't that long (though waiting through December already felt rather excruciating), and hopefully these things will be addressed eventually.
    17. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      She didn't say that she wouldn't reprise her role, so it's still possible for her to come back. I too loved her role as Mileena and Kitana, and if she does come back it will be awesome, but I'm very positive that if she gets replaced by someone else, she will be doing a great job as well, whoever it might be.

      Exactly, very true.

      I don't think "cheesy" is the right word, yes it's not Shakespeare type of stuff, but it's still awesome and extremely far better then any other fighting game on the market, and also other games from other genres (that is why NRS/WB games and Naughty Dog games are both have awesome stories each in their own way, neither is better then the other), it wouldn't be like that if it was cheesy, and it's always easy to get immersed in the story because it's always that good.

      Also the whole Ronda Rousey thing is just a rumor so far for all we know, and if she does make it in, she would do fine just like the others. NRS/WB know how to pick their voice actors, and they know which role to put any of them to. Look at Ashly Burch, she was perfect as Cassie Cage in MKX, but when Capcom picked her to voice Chun-Li in MVCI, she wasn't good. So any actor can do just fine if the role is right.
    18. spidey300
      that's not even true. fighting game characters talk all the time. people get comfortable with a voice actor and get upset when they find out their character isn't voice by the same person they favored.
    19. spidey300
      as if nrs isn't gonna make hella guap from mk11. as soon as this game is done they'll probably get to work on injustice 3 or something else
    20. JBeezYBabY
      Person dependent I suppose. But i personally never heard anybody rage or not buy a fighting game because their favorite voice actor is no longer the voice of a character. Thats all im saying.
    21. Krankk
      Hmmm, I haven't been following the voice actor stories closely, but if the Scorpion voice actor is being replaced by Kevin Conroy and now the Kitana / Mileena voice actress is being replaced by whichever "famous person" was supposed to get a voice acting gig in MK11... then that could potentially mean that the leak about Ronda Rousey voicing Sonya Blade would be true... and that... would suck.

      I've been following MMA for many years now and I witnessed the rise and downfall of Ronda Rousey. And let me tell you, she wasn't a very pleasant person to follow. Over the years I actually started to dislike her like crazy. Her being in MK11 would kinda ruin my day. That would turn Sonya Blade into my #1 practice range opponent pick.

      With all of that being said, there is still a small light at the end of the tunnel: How likely is it that Ronda Rouseys schedule would truly allow her to voice a character. I assume that NRS would be able to cover up most of the voice lines with her, including for the first Kombat Pack. But what about Kombat Pack 2 and 3? Sonya Blade would have to interact with these characters as well and Ronda Rousey would have to have time to record all of that in time. But that's not always that easy, if she is traveling around the country to participate in WWE events.

      Dunno. I just hope Ronda Rousey stays away as far as possible from MK11. Kevin Conroy on the other hand I wouldn't mind. I kinda don't see him as Scorpion, but I still like his voice. For another character he would be great. Or maybe Batman will be DLC?
    22. ImperatrixSindel
      Ugh, I was really worried about this after the Scorpion news. I liked a lot of the MK9/MKX voice talent, but I love Strassman as Kitana/Mileena in particular.

      And for people saying talent in these games is mostly immaterial, a) I don't agree, but b) Karen Strassman is one of the top gaming voice actresses out there. This isn't some random person.

      I'm wondering if they're punishing people who had to go on strike in 2016-2017.
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    23. MKF30
      As an aspiring voice actor myself whos done some work here, there be it for little projects or bigger ones. I can tell you she's right regarding the politics of it. It's simple, hollywood does the same shit where they pretty much punk voice actors for "the bigger name" as if they need the work. It's messed up but true. Example, should this Ronda Rousey rumor be true about voicing Sonya(you really think she needs the money?) The chick from MK 9 I still liked the best honestly. Though MK X actress did a solid job, I think it was Trish Hefner from Battlestar. Since Sonya was already recasted for a bigger name, wouldn't surprise me if the latest change is true too.

      The Kevin Conroy gig being the new Scorpion is a prime example, Patrick did a great job as Scorpion but WB sees the bigger name and sadly it's not a contest to them. Guy who's known for being Batman for like what 25+ years vs. a dude who's voiced Scorpion for 10. It really is unfair to voice actors regardless of level amateur or experienced because that's what gives them the title "VOICE Actor" if they're just going to replace voice actors with "hollywood big name actors" then WTF is the point of having a title job of "Voice Actor"?
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    24. HellblazerHawkman
      Basically, with video games gaining ground as the big media seller, the Voice Actors Guild wanted to renegotiate contracts to reflect that. Meaning better pay and royalties for proficient roles, kind of what you'd see for film actors. Involved studios said "fuck you, this is all on the programmers we don't pay well either" so it led to a year long strike that ended in 2017. I think there was some animosity too with studios just using Troy Baker and Nolan North for literally everything, or overpaying a celebrity to do the same job.

      Anywhos, they were probably in the early planning stages for MK11 at this time, so while I doubt any VA work was done, a lot of the OG actors who were in the VA guild got cut out of their roles because this would have been the period where they were signing on actors. It sucks, but it seems like a lot of these people will be fine. A few IMDB searches suggests they are plenty busy
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