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Kabal Konfirmed?


according to someone who tested the game and leaked some information, yes he is. According the leak.


Jacqui/D'Vorah 2020
It certainly looks like him, and with the Dab leak I would say that yeah he's pretty konfirmed at this point


I'm so excited for Kabal. I've never really gotten a chance to play as him as I just started playing in MK9, during the MKX hype. Would love to play as him in MK11.


Salty Mashers Krew
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So happy about this. One of the legends of MK3, it would have been a travesty for him to be omitted from two straight MK games. Props to NRS on this one


How could you tell?
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wow, that shit is real .... it's really a Kabal teaser ! haha, cannot wait for his official reveal !


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We can't get too carried away with the characters we "think" are confirmed... remember, there's the whole timeline thing. Just like them putting "Rain" as SonicFox's main.

John Grizzly

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I think we can go ahead and say Kabal is confirmed. Come on now. It's absolutely Kabal. I'll eat my left testicle live on Twitch if that teaser is for anyone but Kabal.