[Jun 22,2012] MWC 2012 Nashville, TN 3 DAYS OF MADNESS,SF,MK,UMVC3,ST. HITBOX ALLOWED! (Antioch, TN)

Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by GoldenOreos, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    Fair enough. See you there :)
  2. STB Shujinkydink

    STB Shujinkydink Burning down in flames for kicks

    i dont understand why if any game gets the shaft its an evo game. like someone put turbo on saturday but not MK? that just makes no sense
  3. gr8one06

    gr8one06 STB Black Belt

    I would be visiting the area to spend my money and play in the tournament if the time was different. Look, you can theorize and say the MK Community are crying, etc. all you want. Truth of the matter, is that it's doing you no good from a marketing or economic standpoint because it doesn't change the fact that many others are going to be in the same situation I'm in.....which is not coming. No matter what you say, the time needs changed and I'm hard pressed to believe that you honestly don't know that.

    - gr8one06, STB
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  4. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech
    Premium Supporter

    UMMM What? super turbo is on the same day as MK lol DERP
  5. GGA MOE30W

    GGA MOE30W Noob

    I want to go to this tournament but I have a slight issue. I will have to fly in that morning and fly out the same night due to a prior engagement. The latest flight I can get is at 9:55pm. This might be cutting it close to make my departure flight. Will anyone with a car be willing to give me a ride to the airport? This way I wont have to wait for a taxi to arrive. I will provide you with gas money.
  6. Metalic

    Metalic Noob

    Standard PS3 pads are allowed, yeah?
  7. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech
    Premium Supporter

    yes sir
  8. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech
    Premium Supporter

    alright guys, shits next week......GET HYPE a such. should be fun
  9. It's too bad I don't play MK9. It's tough for me to get hype about MK2 on a cabinet with a handful of players.
  10. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    I can't wait for this event

    Thanks for all u guys arE doing

    MOE30W I can help u out
  11. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    Few questions

    Will pools be posted early

    What time do we new to be there Friday?

    Again thank u for u guys are doing
  12. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech
    Premium Supporter

    yea but u should still come out man, not like u cant support the old school MK's. im thinkin about bringin my X36o setup for UMK3 and MKII casuals bc im not awesome on stick either.so regardless we can get some games in. im runnin the mkii and mk3 brackets so once thats done whoever wants to throw down on some console play ill be down. not everyday u get to play offline in those games so i hope u show up man.
  13. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech
    Premium Supporter

    i will get back to you on the whole pools thing later today so just give me time to talk to Dream about it. im pretty sure we will open at 10am and start setting everything up for casuals etc. but i will confirm so u know for sure man
  14. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    I have a couple questions...

    Is that the correct address? B/c out next to it it says that it will be held "nearby".

    Also, when do you think MK will last to?
  15. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech
    Premium Supporter

    yes thats the right address it says near by bc it might have been n anoher location within the mall but now it eill be for sure in the arcade. IDK how long mk will last bc it depends on how many show up and if players just turtle it up against each other. all depends on the players, but we will be getting people on setups immediatles after one is finished so if everyone doesnt derp around it should go smoothly and fast.

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