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Joker is bad..........against zoners?

Jay Rupp

Human Smoke or Riot
Been using joker since he got released (i was using Mad man but then changed to ace of knaves almost 1 month ago).

Gotta say joker is very powerful in terms of 'mid range' and pressure game but when i encounter some "spammable proyectile" character like sonya, liu kang or skarlet, it feels like shit, i tried to use Jack in the box but the timing feels so tight, most of the cases i end up eating the proyectiles and my opponets gets to block the box...for being considered a "top tier" character i feel it pretty bad in this kind of MU.

Any advice or should i change character when this happen? (FT3 or even KL)
Tiers mean little to nothing for 99% of players. If you can't identify and properly use the tools that make a character "top tier," then you shouldn't be looking at tier lists. It will literally do nothing for you.
Joker is very very strong. but i find his harder mu for me is zoners like jadeis the worst for me then shang and cetrion. but once you in you mix,stagger and frame trap them to death.


The Only Zoner in this game that could be giving you issues is Cetrion. Everyone else's Zoning is Heavily Affected by the experience NRS gathered with Injustice 2.

Namely, that People Hate Strong Zoning.