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Joker General Discussion Thread


End Of Humanity
why no one talks about v1 ? I think its very good and playing it . Parry is great and on mb gives like almost 300 dmg . Low mb gun is great as mix up and deals massive chip dmg with push back ....


Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning
Can someone give some advice on how to use Mad Man's DB3 for setups? It seems super unsafe?

Lord Snotty

Lord of the Bletherrealm.
I've just heard him sing a totally different song during Pop Goes The Mortal! Brilliant stuff. Well done NRS.

Lex Luthor II

Lord of Lightning
What are you all using for kustom Joker variations? I'm basic, and using the boxing gloves launcher and low Bat guns--or boxing gloves launcher and batparry.


Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning
Hello. Does anyone know any nice jumping jester corner combos? I'm interested in making a load out with jumping jester//boing//low batsy pew pew, but I've never used jumping jester before. Any tips will be appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

FGC _ Wondered

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"Bats would say that I’m a bad boy, To kill without a reason...But bodies stacked high never gets old, Blood's always in season!"

In-game it can sound like death rather than blood but apparently it's blood.

Hearing this song if you play the game in Spanish sounds bueno!