JiP on Block - Frame Advantage?

Discussion in '[MK9] Strategy Zone' started by GambitTheFirst, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. GambitTheFirst

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    Sorry if there is a section with universal frame data (not sure if this is universal though?). I'm just curious as to what frame advantage you get if your opponent blocks a JiP? Is this universal or do different characters get different (dis)advantage?

    Also on a slightly unrelated note of "universal" frame data, how many frames does it take to jump? Again, is this the same for all characters?

    Pretty much looking at you Somberness (you legend)! Just thought I'd post this in the forum rather than PM in case anyone else was wondering it as well.

  2. 16 Bit

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    IIRC it's +16-18 depending on the height the blocked JIP lands and you only get the advantage if you link into an attack.
  3. Qwark28

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  4. Prinz

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    Jumping is 3 frames to get off the ground I believe.
  5. Somberness

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    I'll make something in the next few days, lot of stuff to do. I'll say now that jump punches are always 0 on block. Jump in punch cancel advantage on block ranges from +14 (hitting at Sheeva's head height) to +18. That means anything 18 execution or above is not going to jail someone in their stance. There is no short answer to that jump question, the 3 frame jump just refers to how long it takes when trying to neutral jump without buffering it.
  6. Gesture Required Ahead

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    Yea this is something I noticed too. JIP kind of counts as a normal and the follow-up string counts as a special because if you do JIP dash in , then a string it doesn't jail as opposed to just doing the string off of the JIP.
  7. GambitTheFirst

    GambitTheFirst Just some bees, please.

    I don't play Super Turbo, only SF game I play anything close to seriously is 3s.

    (But in all seriousness I'm not a big fan of mirrors lol, but maybe sometime.)
  8. Qwark28

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    Shang Tsung lmao.

    ^ NVM,got trolled big time.
  9. mekane

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    so if you do not want to get thrown after getting hit by a JIP, does it make sense to try to jump out after 8 frames, and then hold block again... so if they go for JIP-throw, you can jump out, if they go for JIP-combo you will be stuck in block, your jump won't come out, but you can then block again before their attack comes out? Does what I said work? And is this why I don't see most players doing JIP-throw very often?

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