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Discussion in 'Jax' started by PND OmegaK, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Just ask Omega about 21, d3 charged b2 antics with sub-Zero. he has felt the pure genius of that setup. It even has the magical properties of disabling wakeups, :).

    Jax's enhanced ground pound after a f4, du4 is a game breaking damage exploit. This character should be banned.

    Also, how can man special cancel standing 4? Oh, thought you were going to punish a random standing 4? Gotcha grab, brah. What is this op bs? Please defend your character jaxer offers.
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    i2 gaug3
    seeing it from your point of view jax is wayyy op

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    i think i might right up a more detailed setup/meter strategy guide at some point with some ground pound shenanigans, also i can start PMing you MU details so you can post them in that section of the guide
  4. Expected the video to be a jax beating up people video. So glad it wasn't.

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