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Match-Up Discussion - Jason Voorhees Jason's Match-Up Discussion Thread


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Nope. If you're gonna go with Unstoppable, you might as well just use Relentless. At least you still get Killing Machine (dd4) and you have access to Dark Pursuit (dd3).

The "perks" of using Unstoppable are useless. His dd3 and dd4 are all pretty effin' bad and don't bring much of anything (if anything at all) to the table.
Well, alright since i have been only using slasher for sometime now and needed to try his other stuff.


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Well, alright since i have been only using slasher for sometime now and needed to try his other stuff.
Definitely give Relentless a go. Relentless Jason is my absolute favorite character to play in the game.


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I think we should focus more on what variations to play and ultimately make a list

I'll start

Bojutsu - Relentless. I can't outrange him with slasher or zone him

Kuatan warrior - not Relentless. pursuit and lake mist are useless, dark pursuit can be dealt with. An opportunity to use Unstoppable since he doesn't open up easily

Dragon fangs (or manicurist) - Slasher. With earthquake and chest lunge out of the picture, goro wants to close in. You can keep him out better, bait jumps and anti air

Tempest - Slasher. b2 and jump attacks are lifesavers against jump lao. His roll wake ups punish even dark pursuit up close from any setup

Aftershock - depends. Slasher can air to air his "aerial earthquake attempts. Relentless can anti zone and space him

Grandmaster - Relentless. pursuit and lake mist are the only things that can get you out of this. I am personally considering picking a different char for him alone

Commando - Slasher. bare handed jason works too, but with highly punishable whiffs in kano's parries and throws, slasher hurts

Master of souls - Slasher. Punish opportunities, air dependant

These are some matchups I feel sure about. Update the OP if you want @macro


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Jason vs. Ferra/Torr, how do you guys feel about the MU? I find Lackey fun to fight against, though I can't really say much about Ruthless or Vicious

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Lets talk about the Mileena MU as of now. I can't even imagine how bad the Piercing MU was pre-patch but right now Ethereal is kicking my Relentless's ass.

Jasons mids do not work in this mu. Seriously you space yourself really well and the Mileena sticks out a poke and you go to whiff punish with B1 and nope. She's under the B1's hitbox with like D4 or D3 (I'm not sure which one), then recovers. So you decide "Oh okay, noted. I'll use B3 next time. Same shit happens. If my two main combo starters don't work then how am I supposed to punish her mistakes? Because the entire matchup is getting in on her throwing sai's (you can't EX Tele and punish her uuuugh) but when you get in you can't hit her because she's so small. Best thing I could do was whiff punish her with tight sqeeze but come on I shouldn't have to settle for 13% punishes if I can be psychic when I get in.

Any advice on how to run this MU? Oh and unless you've actually ran a set with a good Ethereal and have MU experience then don't even bother replying to me, I don't care what you have to say if you have no exp.



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Wanted to post some things about Sektor MU, specifically with his Air Charge being cancelled after a teleport to be made 'safe'. Some talk went about it somewhere but couldn't find it... I looked into getting around it a little more.
Sektor can either cancel it right away or delay it after a teleport.

EX Squeeze
This is your go to. On any teleport, Sektor can get blown up if you use EX Squeeze. If Sektor doesn't cancel the teleport, he gets hit by the EX squeeze as normal.
If Sektor cancels into air charge immediately, Jason will absorb the hit and be able to punish with a b3.
If Sektor delays the air charge, Jason will absorb the hit and can punish with a b3, b1, or even with a f2 into a big combo.

These inputs can be a bit strict and finnicky. I recommend practicing it.

EX Mist
You can also use EX Mist to teleport behind Sektor if he cancels into the charge and punish with b3, regardless if its delayed or not. If he doesn't cancel it be prepared to eat a combo.

Slam Dunk
You can only slam dunk Sektor if he delays the air charge after a teleport.

If Sektor cancels into the charge immediately, you get a free choke. It cannot be backdashed/armored/jumped out of, it's a clean kounter. If the air charge is delayed it will miss and you'll be punished.
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